May. 20, 2017

      [This is me, after barely surviving a workout at the gym.]

The heaviest I have ever weighed was 233 pounds, and the furtherest back I can remember weighing that was on the day of my Mom's 75th surprise birthday party in February of 1994.  From that time to the present, I have lost pounds and gained pounds, always returning back to 233.

 Being the professional dieter that I am, and I don't mean professional as in somebody pays me to lose weight (I wish!), it means that I have tried just about every diet concept and just about every diet product ever invented, searching for ways to look better and to feel better about myself.

 I weighed yesterday morning, and am now at 200 lbs.  That's a good even number.  I prefer even numbers. Next stop is the 100's!  With..

. trying to stay away from fast food, fried food, potato chips, Cheetos, hamburgers, hot dogs;

. eating Nutrisystem items;

. eating at scheduled times:  9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm, 10pm;

. praying, meditating, reading;

. emailing and talking to family and friends;

. joining a gym;

. working out with Becky, my personal trainer (Yes!) twice a week, and attending Devera's exercise classes at the college;

. having food that is good for me on hand and ready to grab it and go;

. researching ways to get fit and trying those ways that work best for me;

. driving a different way home from the gym, so I don’t have to pass by the very well lit, brand, spanking new Whataburger in La Porte……, I have gotten my weight down to 200 pounds.  That's a nice even number.  I’m a fan of even numbers.

 It’s comical how we professional dieters call losing weight our journey or an adventure, and exercising is something that we must make ourselves do, because if we don’t, we are failures. 

 In reality or basically or honestly or truthfully or seriously (I hate the way some feel they must clarify a sentence before they say it in order to let everyone know that what they’re about to say is for real)… eating food that is good for us, not eating too much of said food and exercising should not be known as dieting or a journey or an adventure.  It should simply be our way of taking care of ourselves, of caring about our bodies, of loving ourselves.

 Now, you know that you’re not going to leave one of my blogs without hearing some snarkiness from me… I go to Devera’s Total Body Workout at the college on Wednesdays, so Becky works me out on Mondays and Fridays, because that gives my body a day of rest in between workouts.  Well, I’ll tell ya right here and now, Mondays at the gym SUCK big time!  Everybody and their dog is at the gym on Mondays!  It’s wall-to-wall people!  The smell of a gym is questionable when just a few people are there, but when it’s packed, oh good lord! 

 Mondays, I’ll be at the gym and Becky will be making me work out some part of me, and I’ll look around (I’ll look around as well as I can through fogged up glasses), and I’ll want to say to everyone, “What the heck are all you people doing here? Did you eat an entire buffet and feel like you’ve got to take off all your pounds in this one workout?  Why don’t you work out on Tuesdays?  Tuesdays are good nights! I had a hard time finding a parking space when I got here, and there were no exercise bikes to warm up on when I got here!  And it’s freakin’ 8:15pm!  Go home!  Leave this place, but before you do, clean your sweat off the dang machine you just got off of!  Nobody wants to sit in your body fluids!  Have a little class!  Have a little thought for others!!  Man I hate rudeness in people!”

 There, I feel better.  I hope you do too.  Snarky is as snarky does.

 Here’s one more thing I want to throw out there to you all.  I am starting a group of support.  It will be called The Fortress of Strength, maybe.  Don’t laugh!  That’s cool and you know it! 

 Our group will meet once a week for an hour or two.  We will be a support system for each other in whatever way that is necessary.  Here are some rules that we will start with:

  1. Seriously, (Did you notice how I clarified this statement to show that I really, really mean what I’m about to say?), there will be no talk of politics.

  2. No talk of religion.

  3. We will begin each meeting with a minute of silence. In that time, you can pray quietly or meditate or make goofy faces at everybody while they’re praying.  Whatever, just be still for a minute, and don’t be rude.  During this quiet minute, think of ways that you can positively contribute to our group and help somebody out.

  4. A snack will be provided – raw vegetables and fruit.  Also coffee and tea.

  5. What is said in The Fortress, stays in The Fortress.

  6. Men and women, young and old, are welcome.  But no small children, that might possibly become warped by hearing people who want to attend anything called a Fortress of Strength.

  7. No cursing (darn it).

  8. We will stop the group on time.

  9. Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be thin – I’m just kidding. Yes, you can come if you’re tired (I mean who isn’t), but if you’re poor, don’t even think about it.  You know I’m just kidding again, and trying to be funny.  Sorry that it didn’t work.

  10. Please bring your friends, Mothers/Dads, daughters/sons, nieces/nephews, whatever you got.

 We will work out more details each time we meet.  Here’s my email address:  Please let me know if you would like to join our Fortress of Strength or Solitude or Silence… we’ll work that out.


And always remember... Don’t be rude.  You are not alone.  I love you – “Yes, even when I’m a snark, I still love people.”

May. 12, 2017


I have discovered four strategies that work for me in my battle to not overeat…

 #1 Putting myself on an eating schedule has been working well to slow my cravings and to prevent the evil binge that usually follows them.  Here’s an example of weekday eating:

9am – Nutrisystem breakfast item or a packet of oatmeal

11am – snack (apple or banana or string cheese or NS snack)

1pm – NS lunch item

3pm – egg (usually deviled with mustard and low calorie mayo)

5:30pm – NS dinner item with vegetables or a salad

8pm – hot air popcorn (I really like the stuff!)

 #2 Lately I’ve been craving low calorie string cheese, asparagus, green beans, apples and BANANAS!  I had the best banana just a second ago!  It rocked my world!  I keep these things on hand for when I can’t wait out the cravings.  At least, I’m bingeing on better food.  It’s a start.

 #3 Eating an egg during the day, helps to keep me full.

 #4 When I buy extras, like salad fixings, vegetables and fruit, I make sure to only buy what I need for a few days. That way I don’t overeat and nothing spoils.


A Victory - Yay!:  Yesterday, I had a craving for a strawberry shake from the new Whataburger in La Porte that I drive past after leaving the gym. Argh!  Instead of giving into the shake, I went home and had a low calorie strawberry yogurt.  It was close to being the same thing.  I was satisfied.  Yeeha!

 Speaking of Whataburger, which I do quite often, I just had a cool old memory... when I was pregnant with Ethan, I craved Whataburgers and Coca-Cola.  No other hamburger would do, just a Whataburger, and it had to be Coca-Cola, the good way they used to make it with real sugar, and it would be cold and I'd take a huge gulp and it would burn going down.  Oh momma!  Yes, those two things I had to have while carrying my E.  And I would take a couple of bites of the burger and a couple of gulps of the coke and then throw.  Ah, sweet memories.


I’m still losing fat and building muscle.  Man, I must've been a big o' blob of fat before I started being a gym rat.  And the journey continues.

 I want to be as serious as a heart attack right now, and tell you that you need to find a personal trainer or a workout buddy or a friend to walk with.  Having Becky and Devera there to make me exercise has epically helped me.  Because of exercise, my body moves better, my mood is brightened and I have hope.  If you don’t already workout, think seriously about doing so.  And if you used to workout, start it back up.


Thank you for reading!  I think you’re epic!  I love you!  You are not alone!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers out there… you know who you are!

May. 4, 2017

I’m 5 days late with this weight post, because I’ve had some feeling down time.  I’m not telling you that, so you’ll feel sorry for me.  Gazillions of people suffer from depression.  Mine comes, hangs around a bit and then leaves for a while.  Life goes on, blah, blah, blah.

 This past week, I confess to having two binges.  Man, Wednesday night’s binge was a doozy!  It began with sweet cravings, so I ate a Nutrisystem banana nut muffin.  I don’t know why the word “nut” is on the wrapper, because there was nothing resembling a nut in it.  I did detect a banana flavor though.  Then salty cravings started, so I ate a bag of Nutrisystem Cheetos-like snacks that probably have the same taste as “ghost poo”.  Not that I would ever eat ghost poo.  Ghost poo is what you call those styrofoam nuggets in packaging, in case you didn’t know.  I then ate a banana and ended up devouring half a tub of whipped vanilla icing!

 Earlier that binge day, if you had asked me, “Jill, is there anything in your ice box or pantry that doesn’t taste like styrofoam or cardboard or isn’t a vegetable or a fruit?”  I would have bet you a million bucks that there was NOT!  DEFINITELY NOT!  No sir, there is absolutely nothing in my house that fits said criteria!  Nothing of a delicious, satisfying nature at all!

 Well... during the frenzy that night, I was going from ice box to pantry to ice box, searching for my next bite, and suddenly, I spotted a tub of icing.  Whipped vanilla icing, my favorite.  I had forgotten that it was on the door shelf with the ketchup and mustard and other jars of stuff that go with epic tasting stuff, like French fries and hot dogs and hamburgers, oh my!  Sorry. 

 Anyway, I grabbed that sucker, and in no time, I had eaten half of the icing, all the while making decadent, erotic sounds.  Sorry Mom.  It must have been a horrific sight, like a school of piranha going after a yak that’s stuck in a shallow riverbed. Or a pride of lions feasting on the carcass of a slow moving gazelle.  Or a vampire…. I’m sorry, that was too much, I know.  But that is what I am… too much.

 Becky, my personal trainer, forced me to work my upper body tonight, and tomorrow night she promised that she would force me to work my lower body.  She gets really bossy sometimes with her “Can you give me 3 more?” and her continually saying “look up” and “stomach in”.  Heck, if I could stomach in, I wouldn't need her!

 I make her sound like a drill sergeant, but she’s not.  She’s an angel here on earth, who makes me hurt myself so that I can get fit.  She’s an inspiration, and I don’t know what I’d do without her.  Plus, she laughs at everything I say.  I love that in a personal trainer.

 I think I’ll do my weight posting on Fridays now instead of Mondays.  I love you guys, thank you for reading… and forever remember… You’re Not Alone.

 Let me clarify the You’re Not Alone remark.  I don’t mean there’s someone in your house that’s not supposed to be there or that there are space aliens, which there are.  What I mean is no matter what your deal is, there’s someone somewhere who has the same deal and can identify with you. And if you’re feeling depressed, reach out for help, because You’re Not Alone… I’m here.

Apr. 24, 2017

I’m starting this post off by saying that I am exhausted!  The time is around 11pm, it’s been a long day and I might not make much sense (not that I ever do), but here goes…

 I’m down another pound. Weight is currently 202.  I’m losing so slowly.  Becky, my personal trainer, says that I’m gaining muscle and losing fat.  Whatever.

 Speaking of Becky, my personal trainer (Ha! You know that I like saying that!), she worked me hard, hard this evening.  At the end of the workout, I was totally drenched with sweat and sprawled out on the floor on my back.  Hoping that I might get some help standing up, I asked Becky, my personal trainer (Ok, I promise not to say that again.), “How am I going to get up off the floor after all that?” and Becky calmly replied, “Anyway you want to.”   I swear I just about peed my pants laughing!  She’s hilarious! 

 Let me add that if I had peed my pants from laughing, nobody would have known, because like I mentioned earlier, I was drenched!  Becky cracks me up!  If it weren’t for all the hurt going on, working out would be really fun.

 Today is my 65th birthday.  There, I said it.  Geez that’s a huge number! I’ve been in shock about it all day.  65 is five years away from 70!  Yes, I know it’s just a number… but it’s a freaking huge number!  It’s going to take some time to process this.

 I had a good day that was chockfull of birthday wishes and birthday cake, two pieces of birthday cake to be exact.  It was wrong I know that.  Hey I’m 65!  I get confused!

 I love you guys for reading and continuing to encourage my getting fit journey.  It means a bunch to me, and I think you’re epic.

 You’re probably wondering why the picture of Jason Momoa?  It’s simple.  I like looking at him.  Hey, I’m old, I’m not dead!

 I told ya this post wasn’t going to make much sense.  I’m exhausted.  Night night.

Apr. 18, 2017

I’m enjoying being on Nutrisystem, because the food is good, I know exactly what to order now, and everything is conveniently packaged, there’s very little cooking involved, and the calories are already counted for me.  I eat every 3 hours or so, so I don’t have as many cravings as I used to.  And, I pay $311 a month for NS, plus extra for veggies and eating out.  I’m saving money, I’m eating better and I’m losing weight.  That’s the whole point of it.

 When I fill my lunch bag in the morning, it’s like, “This muffin will be breakfast, string cheese for a snack, a Southwest Fiesta melt for lunch, believe I’ll do a salad with a boiled egg added for my afternoon snack.  Then when I get home, I’ll nuke a NS dinner meal, and later have a bowl of hot air popcorn.  Easy peasy!

 Of course I change things up.  But Monday through Friday, it’s usually something like the above. 

 On the weekends I’m more relaxed with eating.  Like Friday, I spent the day with Moke and Kasey and we went to TX Roadhouse, and I got a 6 oz. sirloin, salad with low-cal Ranch and steamed vegetables.  It was delicious!  I didn’t eat any of their rolls, and I love love their rolls.

 Then Saturday, I went to Jeff and Katie’s and we went to Schobels’ Restaurant, which is a great place to eat in Columbus, TX.  I highly recommend it!  I ate a hamburger and fries and they were yummy, and Jeff grilled me a burger that evening for supper.  It was also yummy, and I had chips with it.  Then Sunday, my Moochies and I went to Dairy Queen for Easter, and I had a hot dog and fries.  I love DQ hot dogs and fries!

 As far as exercise goes… I worked out with Becky on Monday, Stretching Class with Devera on Tuesday and Thursday, Total Body Workout with Devera on Wednesday, and afterwards Susana made me go walk on an elliptical for 15 minutes.  Man, she’s so pushy!  She’s also an inspiration to me. 

 So, like I said, I had a great week… I ate NS and also had hamburgers and a hot dog, I exercised, played with my grandsons, got to see my sons’ and their families, and I even got to see my little brother Big Al.  Big Al works for his granddaughter and her husband, Dusti and Jeremiah, at Golf World off of 105 in Conroe, so Moke and I stopped by to visit with Big Al.  The picture above is Dusti and Jeremiah’s little angel girl Piper.  She helps Grandpa Big Al with the customers, and also tests some of the equipment.

 Oooooh, I almost forgot!  I weighed this morning, and am very happy to announce that I lost two more pounds!  I was so happy to step on the scales, I just knew it was going to be a weight loss!  So, I’ve lost 15 pounds in two months with Nutrisystem and exercise, and a total of 30 pounds overall!  I now weigh 203!

 Thank you guys for reading my posts, and for being so encouraging… I appreciate it for sure!  And I love all of you!  I have one worry though… I’m hoping that Taco Bell doesn’t go out of business, because I haven’t been there for 2 months.  Surely someone out there is picking up my slack.