Mar. 31, 2018


Hey, I joined Weight Watchers, and weighed in at 225.8 lbs.  Got weighed last Wednesday at my 2nd meeting, and… drum roll paaleeese… I now weigh 225 lbs!  Yes, I lost .8 lbs.  Yipee-ki-yea!  Sure, I was bummed that it wasn’t more, but a loss is a loss, blah, blah.  And friends tell me that it’s a marathon, not a race, blah, blah, blah.

 This might be my 8th+ time to join WW. I know it works.  Well, in fact, I know that every diet works… you can take the poundage off by following just about every diet plan under the sun.  Of course, the keeping off of the weight is the problem.  I hate that part.  I would love to know the total number of pounds that I have lost in my lifetime.  It’s an astronomical number, I’m sure.

My sweet friend and sister-at-heart, Sondra, inspired me to begin WW’s.  She’s lost 40+ pounds doing it, since October of last year.  She looks great. I’m so proud of her.  We go to the same WW meeting, and she’s been helping me with recipes and products that taste good and are low in points.

 I get 23 points a day, with a bucket of 41 points to be used throughout the week in case I need them for Birthday cake and other special occasion foods.  Chicken, eggs, veggies, fruit and beans are all zero points. I know! I know! Wow, huh? 

 We have a bunch of April birthdays in my family, where eating of the birthday cake will be a necessity, so I’m prepared for that.  There’s an old husband’s tail that goes like this, “Non-eating of a friend/family member’s birthday cake, will make their wish before the blowing of the candles, null and void.”  Hey! I would never, never want to cause someone’s wish not to come true, so I do my part. I have a giving spirit that loves birthday cake.

 EXERCISE:  I was watching a yoga video and at the beginning were the words, "We recommend that you watch this video from beginning to end before you practice. Rest when you are tired. Be patient. Pace yourself. Breathe."  I had to catch my breath 5 minutes into the video, and by the end I needed a nap.

A SHORT BIO OF JILL:  I have down times, a fear of growing old, a serious love of my grandsons, huge fondness for my sons, forever love for my brothers, sisters and their families, I’ll be 66 in April, love going to the movies, I have anger issues, I’m snarky, I like Chris Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, and I am in total awe of Jason Mamoa.

 I WAS HOPING THAT:  You could “follow” me on Facebook, so that you will never miss a post from my blog. That way, I won’t be giving a shout-out to everybody and their dog.  What cha say? Wouldn’t that be fun?  Yes, I thought you would like that. There I am giving to others again.  You could also go to my blog site and look around any time you want to.  I’ve been absent from it for a while.  I love it when you comment to me on Facebook and on my blog.  I’m just sayin’.

 I do love you guys! Until next time… Take care.