Jun. 17, 2017

massive cravings

I’ve been having massive cravings for salty things… and peanut butter!  When I buy peanut butter, like I’ve told you before, I keep it in the ice box, and will go to it several times a night and load up a hugemongous bunch of it on a spoon, and then devour it!  Oh heavens, it’s like candy!


Potato chips, it’s always potato chips that I want!  My favorite is Lay’s Waves, but I’ll eat any chip they’ve ever made!  Have you ever licked the salt off of a tortilla chips or a saltine cracker and then ate it?  How about putting a Cheeto in your mouth and sucking the Chee stuff out of it and then eating it?  I could probably have a salt lick installed in my house and it wouldn’t be enough salt.


I’ll have my strong times, when I fight my cravings, but there are those times, like the last week or so, when the fight is not in me, and I will eat whatever I want.  It’s still Whataburger and Schlotzsky’s that are my favorite fast food craves.  If Whataburger were to ask me, I would do a commercial for them in a second!  I could be Whataburger’s Flo! 


I’m still exercising and always will.  I normally do three workouts a week, and I never miss, unless something important comes up. 


A weird thing occurred last Thursday night.  I was sitting in my comfy chair, searching On Demand and Netflix for anything with Jason Momoa in it that I haven’t seen, and I started thinking things like, “What if I were to start exercising right now?  What if I put on my heavy metal instrumental meditative music, sit on the floor and did some yoga stretches and some crunches and as many pushups as I could?  What if I were to do that?  What keeps me from working out by myself?”  And then I used a strategy that I’ve been using of late… “Don’t think about, JUST DO IT.”


Then suddenly, I got up and I worked out!  I did it with no one there making me do it!  Afterwards, I was surprised that I wasn’t jumping up and down and high fiving myself.  But instead, I simply took a shower, put my jammies on and went back to my comfy chair and back to searching for Jason Momoa.  Other than writing the historical event down in my diary, I made no big deal out of it.  BUT (and mine is big)… it was a big deal!  I don’t understand my non-celebration.  What am I afraid of?  I'm going to think hard on that.


There are hundreds of metaphoric boulders in my path to fitness, I moved one last night.  I just thought that up.  Was it too much?  Ha.  What movie are the words “residual boulders” spoken?


I need to will myself to get back to getting fit.  I want to continue to be able to play with my grandsons, and I don't want anyone to have to take care of me.  Thank you my sweet friend Dianna, for reminding me of that. 


[I posted Jason Momoa pictures again, because I think he's epic, and I like looking at him.]