May. 31, 2017

keeping fit


I’m still working out.  In fact, I can’t see me NOT working out, ever.  I’m a gym rat.  Wait?  Can I be a gym rat if I’m in a gym only 3 times a week?  Ah, the smell of B.O. and chlorine in the morning!  You know that I’m goofing, right?


I sure hope that posting my fit journey on my blog and wanting to share it, helps you in some way.  We all have addictions that we battle.  I can’t change my food addiction on my own.  I need you, and I hope that you need me back.


 I’m thankful:

I’m always thankful for Becky, my personal trainer (Yes!), and Devera, who instructs wellness classes at the college, and for Susana, who inspires me to treadmill and exercise bike after our Total Body Workout Class.  Without these 3 beautiful people, I wouldn’t be pushing myself to get better.


 You’re not alone.  I'm here for you. Don’t drink and drive.  Don’t text and drive.  Think positively.  Call your Mother.

I think you’re epic, and I love you!


I was just thinking:

Did you know that Martian Probe is the name of a satellite and also a pastime of Martians?  In your opinion, what would be worse, being mauled by a grizzly bear, probed by a Martian or a papercut?  Hey, don't tell me you haven't thought of this before!