May. 12, 2017

4 strategies


I have discovered four strategies that work for me in my battle to not overeat…

 #1 Putting myself on an eating schedule has been working well to slow my cravings and to prevent the evil binge that usually follows them.  Here’s an example of weekday eating:

9am – Nutrisystem breakfast item or a packet of oatmeal

11am – snack (apple or banana or string cheese or NS snack)

1pm – NS lunch item

3pm – egg (usually deviled with mustard and low calorie mayo)

5:30pm – NS dinner item with vegetables or a salad

8pm – hot air popcorn (I really like the stuff!)

 #2 Lately I’ve been craving low calorie string cheese, asparagus, green beans, apples and BANANAS!  I had the best banana just a second ago!  It rocked my world!  I keep these things on hand for when I can’t wait out the cravings.  At least, I’m bingeing on better food.  It’s a start.

 #3 Eating an egg during the day, helps to keep me full.

 #4 When I buy extras, like salad fixings, vegetables and fruit, I make sure to only buy what I need for a few days. That way I don’t overeat and nothing spoils.


A Victory - Yay!:  Yesterday, I had a craving for a strawberry shake from the new Whataburger in La Porte that I drive past after leaving the gym. Argh!  Instead of giving into the shake, I went home and had a low calorie strawberry yogurt.  It was close to being the same thing.  I was satisfied.  Yeeha!

 Speaking of Whataburger, which I do quite often, I just had a cool old memory... when I was pregnant with Ethan, I craved Whataburgers and Coca-Cola.  No other hamburger would do, just a Whataburger, and it had to be Coca-Cola, the good way they used to make it with real sugar, and it would be cold and I'd take a huge gulp and it would burn going down.  Oh momma!  Yes, those two things I had to have while carrying my E.  And I would take a couple of bites of the burger and a couple of gulps of the coke and then throw.  Ah, sweet memories.


I’m still losing fat and building muscle.  Man, I must've been a big o' blob of fat before I started being a gym rat.  And the journey continues.

 I want to be as serious as a heart attack right now, and tell you that you need to find a personal trainer or a workout buddy or a friend to walk with.  Having Becky and Devera there to make me exercise has epically helped me.  Because of exercise, my body moves better, my mood is brightened and I have hope.  If you don’t already workout, think seriously about doing so.  And if you used to workout, start it back up.


Thank you for reading!  I think you’re epic!  I love you!  You are not alone!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers out there… you know who you are!