Apr. 24, 2017

I'm old

I’m starting this post off by saying that I am exhausted!  The time is around 11pm, it’s been a long day and I might not make much sense (not that I ever do), but here goes…

 I’m down another pound. Weight is currently 202.  I’m losing so slowly.  Becky, my personal trainer, says that I’m gaining muscle and losing fat.  Whatever.

 Speaking of Becky, my personal trainer (Ha! You know that I like saying that!), she worked me hard, hard this evening.  At the end of the workout, I was totally drenched with sweat and sprawled out on the floor on my back.  Hoping that I might get some help standing up, I asked Becky, my personal trainer (Ok, I promise not to say that again.), “How am I going to get up off the floor after all that?” and Becky calmly replied, “Anyway you want to.”   I swear I just about peed my pants laughing!  She’s hilarious! 

 Let me add that if I had peed my pants from laughing, nobody would have known, because like I mentioned earlier, I was drenched!  Becky cracks me up!  If it weren’t for all the hurt going on, working out would be really fun.

 Today is my 65th birthday.  There, I said it.  Geez that’s a huge number! I’ve been in shock about it all day.  65 is five years away from 70!  Yes, I know it’s just a number… but it’s a freaking huge number!  It’s going to take some time to process this.

 I had a good day that was chockfull of birthday wishes and birthday cake, two pieces of birthday cake to be exact.  It was wrong I know that.  Hey I’m 65!  I get confused!

 I love you guys for reading and continuing to encourage my getting fit journey.  It means a bunch to me, and I think you’re epic.

 You’re probably wondering why the picture of Jason Momoa?  It’s simple.  I like looking at him.  Hey, I’m old, I’m not dead!

 I told ya this post wasn’t going to make much sense.  I’m exhausted.  Night night.