Apr. 10, 2017

lots and lots of vegetables

This past week, I got bored with Nutrisystem food, and decided that I would cook my own food.  You know that I hate cooking, so I must’ve been pretty dang bored with Nutrisystem.  I browned chicken and then baked it, and I prepared lots of vegetables – asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, salads and lima beans.

 What I cooked, and the way that I cooked it, was the way to go, except for one thing… I ate too much of a good thing.  I love fresh asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper and then baked in the oven.  Instead of eating a third or a half of a bundle/group/flock of asparagus stalks, I would eat the entire herd.

 But, in my defense, Nutrisystem told me to eat all the vegetables that I wanted.  Yes, veggies are so good for you… eat all you want.  But, then I realized, that NS was also telling me how much is in a serving of each vegetable.  And I wondered, why is a food that you can have unlimited amounts of, measured?  Well, I’ll tell you why… because vegetables are not unlimited!  Duh. Nothing is unlimited!  They want me to eat lots of vegetables, just don’t eat the entire garden.  My bad.

 Ooooh, and a couple of other things happened.  I bought some pretzel chips that were like 12 chips for 100 calories.  Yes!  And I bought one of those cool circular boxes of The Laughing Cow cheese.  I was going to have 12 pretzel chips and one wedge of cheese each day for a snack. 

 What?  Well of course I did!  You know that I did!  I had good intentions, but ended up eating every crumb of pretzel and all the wedges in one day… in one sitting.  And, since I’m letting it all hang out, here’s what else… Last night I was driving past McDonald’s…  Well, no, actually I wasn’t driving past McDonald’s.  I was driving to McDonald’s.  And I got a #1.  That of course is a Big Mac and fries.  BUT, and I continue to have a big one, when the dude asked if I wanted to super-size it, I said, “No thank you.  The medium size will do for me.”  Lol!  I said it to the guy like I was doing a noble thing.  Lol!  When I drove up to pay, I couldn’t look him in the face.

 Okay, I’ll quit messing around and just tell you that, this morning, I weighed in at 205, which is what I weighed last Monday.  And you know what?  I’m not upset with myself.  I’m just not.  I exercised hard this past week, and I ate lots of good vegetables… lots and lots of good vegetables.  And so what if I had a Big Mac and fries… they tasted epic!  And it’s all okay, because in the long run, I’m going to lose this weight.  I know that I will.

 I love you guys for reading and continually encouraging me.  A shout out to Devera Allen-Scheller for leading two wellness stretch classes each week and one wellness total body workout class each week at the college.  And a shout out to San Jacinto College for letting us have wellness. 

 And a big, big shout out to my personal trainer, Becky Bice. Sweetie, you’ve helped me so much.  I never would do all the horrible, torturous stuff you make me do, if you didn’t force me to do it. I love you!

 Since February of 2016, I’ve lost 28 total pounds!  I’m good with that.