Mar. 8, 2017

off to a good start

It’s the end of my 3rd day on Nutrisystem, and so far, so good.  1200 calories a day has been enough to eat and I haven’t been craving or bingeing.  Becky worked me out really hard Monday, I went to Devera’s stretch class Tuesday and went to her total body workout today.  I’m drinking my 64 ounces of water each day.  I’ve always been a big water drinker, so it’s no problem for me to down 8 cups of water a day and then some.

Nutrisystem foods I didn’t like and will NOT order again:

>Hamburger - I didn't care for the look of the meat.  It said beef, but it could have been emu for all I know.  Also didn’t care for its chewability or smell.  And yes I know, chewability is not a word.

>Tortilla Soup - there were like 10 grains of rice, maybe 7 black beans and one-half of a tortilla chip crunched up.  It was edible, but was a waste of my calories.

>Ham and Bean Soup – had no taste at all.


Foods I like and will order again:

Ravioli Formaggio

Stuffed Shells

Fiesta Macaroni and Cheese

Honey Wheat Bagel

Soft Whole Grain Pretzel

Cheese Puffs

Double Chocolate Muffin


Question:  How do you measure a 1/4 cup of crackers or 2 tablespoons of cashews?  Hmmm.


Things I've learned so far:

>Eating a boiled egg with breakfast helps me to feel full for a longer time.

>When I cut back on bingeing, every small bite of food tastes epic!

>Go to bed by at least 11:30, so I won’t want to eat the house up.

>Each week, plan my exercise times.

>Don’t look for ways to get out of exercising. 

>Exercise is now a part of me.  I am all about exercise.

>After exercise, I will always be wringing with sweat and barely able to crawl from the gym to my car.

>Don’t pray for a disaster to occur so that I can skip exercising.  The dog is not going to eat my exercise.

>Exercise hurts, but it is a Good Hurt.


Before I end this journal page, I must thank you guys for reading and for all the encouragement.  You blew me away with all the sweet stuff, and blowing a girl my size away is not an easy task.  Thank you to Heather, Vera, Gail, Sarah, Sylvia, Nola, Shirly, Wayne, Rachel, Montie, Jennifer and Katie for the likes. I love you all, and you’re all sweeties to me.  Becky, you are the best PT in the world, and you make hurting fun.  Devera thank you for commenting and for being such a good instructor of pain.  Gaynell, thank you for wanting me to notify you everytime I add a journal page.  My precious Kristy, thank you for thinking that I rock.  Deb sweetie, it makes me very happy you saying that you’re proud of me.  Patty thank  you for believing in me.  Marlena, you’re always there for me and so encouraging, always.  Ziptie, I’m thinking that someday we will workout together, and thank you for the invite.  Debbie C., I will keep on trying, thank you.  CJ, you are a favorite nephew, and you seriously don’t have a clue as to how much I love you.  As always, Clintrock, you have great advice and experience to share with me.  It’s appreciated.  I too am proud to be a Hayter, and know that we Hayters can do anything we put our hearts to - a big hug and a moochie to you.


An amazing woman once said something that I'm trying to do everyday ---- “You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.” –Eleanor Roosevelt-