Mar. 5, 2017

I will never quit until I'm fit

You might recall me setting a one year, 50 pound weight loss goal for myself in February of 2016.  At that time, I was for sure that it was a doable goal for me.  In fact, by July, I had lost 35 pounds, and figured I would reach my goal way before the time limit that I had planned.  But alas, I got off the low carbing and gained weight back, except… I didn’t gain the “and then some” weight.  You know what I mean?  It’s like, you go on a diet, you lose weight, get off the diet, then gain the weight back and then some.

I’m still down 15 pounds from when I started trying to lose weight last February. Yes, I fell short of my goal by 35 pounds; but, and I’ll forever have a big one, a loss is a loss.  I’m not supposed to get on my case about my weight any more.  I do the best I can, I keep on trying and usually learn something in the trying.  Like Napoleon Hill once said, “Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

At present, I weigh 218 pounds, and I’m beginning a new journey… again.  My goal this time is not to lose “x” amount of pounds.  The goal, starting tomorrow, is to do the best that I can to get fit, and to not end up in a nursing home. Nursing homes scare the bahjeebers outta me.

I’ll begin Nutrisystem tomorrow. I’ve received $311.00 worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks for 28 days.  I’ll be buying fruits and vegetables at the grocery store in addition to the Nutrisystem food.

Also I’m still working out twice a week with my epic personal trainer, Becky Bice, along with attending two stretch classes and a full body workout class held by Devera Allen at the college each week. Devera is a sweetie. 

You might be thinking, “Holy cats Jill, you are amazing to be doing all that exercise!”  If you thought that, you are so right!  Amazing is as amazing does!

My personal trainer Becky (I love saying “my personal trainer,” cause it makes me feel rich and cool – I’m neither one of those), always the supportive, positive and inspiring trainer that she is, said something like this to me, “You’ve set yourself up to succeed.  I don’t see any other outcome for you.  But if something happens, you just keep trying, because you’re always trying.”  See there, she’s The Best.

If you were listening while reading this post, you might have heard me say that I’m starting Nutrisystem tomorrow.  Starting a diet tomorrow means that today is like I’m on death row and am entitled to a last meal of whatever I want.  Ha.  It is now 2:00pm and so far all I’ve eaten is 12 grapes.  Oh don’t worry your pretty little head, I’ll think of something totally outstanding to devour. I’m going over a list of my favorite decadent choices right at this present moment.  When it comes to food, I can multitask.

I’m planning on posting often to this Weight page here on my blog, not like just once a week or once a month.  Thought this time that I’d post maybe every day, like keeping a Fit Journal.  I won’t bother y’all with emailing you every time I post something or announcing it on Facebook all the time, so you can just check back on my blog every so often and probably find something I’ve written about my journey.  I hope you do visit often, and I hope you leave comments when you feel like it.

I love my Family and my Friends and even you people out there that I don’t know.  If I can be an inspiration to just one person, that would be epic.  Thank you for reading.


*Mr. Hill, who was born October 26, 1883 and died November 8, 1970, was an American self-help author. He is well known for his book Think and Grow Rich (1937), which has sold 20 million copies and is among the top 10 bestselling self-help books of all time.