Aug. 15, 2016

Day 208

Current weight = 204 lbs!  I’ve lost 2 more pounds, making it a total of 29 total lbs.lost!  My goal = lose 50 lbs. in one year, year ending February 2017.  I know that I’m slow going, but that has been my plan since I began to lose weight last February. Like many of you, I have gone on like a gabillion diets, always in a rush to get the weight off, I get the weight off, stay thin for 5 seconds and then gain the weight back, plus more.  You know the drill.  Sad, I wait for 64 years to do the right thing for myself.  Better late then never, huh?

My stupid knee:  doc said that according to x-rays, my right knee is sprained. I'm seeing an orthopedic specialist August 26 to make sure that's all that it is.  Moke & Kasey got an electronic zapping thingee, and I've been attaching the electrodes to my knee to knock the pain down a few notches.  It's working.  I'm feeling down about my knee and the whole aging possess thingee, so if you would keep me in those sweet thoughts of yours, that would be awesome.

I love you guys!