Jul. 27, 2016

I forgot how many days it is

Letting y'all know that I fell off the wagon for a few days. I ate hamburgers and Mexican food... couldn't help myself. I'm back at lowcarbing, and will give an update when I've lost a pound or two.


Friends, did you know that Taco Bell has $5.00 boxes loaded with awesome stuff? One of the boxes has a crunchy taco, chips and cheese dip, a double decker taco and it comes with a drink! This is down right sinful, and since my last post, I've eaten 3 freakin' boxes at 3 different times! I have a love/hate relationship with TB! Darn them!


I like seeing articles where people have lost weight.  The before and after pictures are inspiring.  But, and I have a fat one, I don't care to hear how they're weight gain began.  Some stories start with, "...and after I had my first child, I gained 54 pounds, and was so depressed, yadda yadda yadda."  or "My husband was cheating on me and I used food to cope." or "I was an atheletic in college, but after I got married, I stopped working out, and the weight poured on."  I don't care how they became fat.  I know how people become fat.... hey, I'm a f-a-t girl, I know why.  Just show the before and after, a simple explanation of how they lost the weight, and that's plenty good enough.  Man, if I told my story of how I got fat, it would fill a book!  Nobody wants to read that!