May. 3, 2016

Day 74

Down another 3 pounds, making it a total of 19 pounds lost!  Current weight 214… Yo Mamma!  My goal is to lose 50 lbs by February 2017.

I continue to research low carb recipes.  Many that I have prepared or just plain pewkee! 

As I’ve said before, I don’t always stick to low carb. Sometimes I’ll have a Whataburger or a baked potato, stuff like that.  This low carb way of eating does not stop until I lose 50 lbs, it is a permanent lifestyle.

What I want most of all is potato chips!  I have NOT had one for 74 days.  I don’t even cheat with potato chips, they’re the Lex Luthor to my Superman.  Yes I know that Batman is all popular at the moment, and you think I should have said they’re the Joker to my Batman.  Whatever.  Superman has always been my hero and always will be my #1 superhero.  Heck, he even has “super” in his name.  Take that Ethan and Faolan!

Thank y’all for continuing to support me.  I’ll keep you posted.  You guys are awesome, and I love you!