Apr. 26, 2016

Day 67

Goal:  from February 2016 to February 2017, lose 50 lbs.  My current weight is 217.

I know that I let a bunch of you know of my total weigh loss of 16 lbs., but I didn’t post it here on my blog, so, I’m posting it now.  Yay Jill!

Although over the weekend, I ate a large baked potato and a Mooyah burger and fries (ooooh so good!), I did not gain any weight.

A Huge Plus in losing:  My feet are no longer being stabbed by needles.  Yeehaw!

In the past, when I’ve dieted, I’ve been in a big hurry to lose, but I’ve finally learned that quick weight loss is not for me.  If I’m going to do this for the rest of my life, then I’m going to have to lose weight slowly. 

There will most definitely be Whataburgers and Taco Bell, potato chips and Schlotzsky's in my future, which I will eat occassionally.  There is no way I am going through life, without my loves!

My sweet friends and family, thank you for staying with me on my journey to good health.  I appreciate it and think that you are terrific!  I continue on, and will keep you updated.  Luv U!