Apr. 16, 2016

Day 57



Hi.  My name is Jill, and I’m a foodaholic.”  Weighing in today, I have lost no further poundage.  Still holding at 221.  A picture was taken of me last night, and it literally frightened me!  I would post it, but it might make you lose your lunch. *shutter*

I began my journey of weight loss on February 21, 2016, vowing to lose 50 lbs by February 21, 2017.  My intention is to lose at a snail’s pace, so that I will stay with it.

Click on the article below, where a nutritionist tells us not to eat at scheduled times.  Says we should eat when we’re hungry.  I'm going to try this technique, but still continue low carbing.

http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Should-I-Eat-Certain-Times-Lose-Weight-40845844    --article by Jenny Sugar--

I was thinking, one of the reasons a bunch of us are overweight is because, when we were young we had scheduled eating times.  I remember playing outside and Mom yelling for us to come in and eat at the scheduled time – a cool memory for me.  Add to that memory, when we didn’t come in on her first call, she would call much louder using our middle names, “Mark Scott! Jill Elaine! Alan Ross!”  We’ve all been there knowing that when the middle name was added, we needed to haul butt!

Back to what I was saying, when a child is told to eat his meal, and he’s not hungry, we shouldn’t make him eat.  (I apologize to my precious, loving sons.)  Instead, save the food for him, and let him eat it whenever he feels hungry.  This will teach him to eat only when his stomach encourages him to do so.  I believe that in doing this, it will take away from the emphasis we put on food.  Instead of giving into food and letting it control us, we make it something we need to do, instead of an insane “Pleasure Fest”, which is what food has always meant to me.

Found a couple of chicken recipes I’m going to prepare.  Will let you know how they turn out.

[Please excuse my punctuation.  I forgot everything I learned about it in school.  Hence, you will see commas, dashes, quotation marks and dot dot dots where there shouldn't be.  I type as I speak.

I’m sorry this is a long post.  Thank y’all for visiting my blog!  You can share it, if you want.  Have the happiest weekend ever!  Love ya!