Aug. 14, 2015

Try try again

I blew it.  I totally blew it.  After 6 weeks of no soft drinks, no fast food and cutting down on the over eating, I must begin again.  But, it's all okay, because I can have do overs, cause that's the way things are done around here now, as compared to all the other times I've dieted. 

I'm not beating myself up over's okay to have off days.  Let's see, on Wednesday I had a Smash Burger with fries, Thursday it was 2 tacos and a bean burrito from Taco Bell and today a #1 at Jack in the Box plus 2 tacos.  Wow!  Those are what is known as uh-oh moments.

Didn't weigh this week.  Nope, not weighing for a while.

In this picture, I was trying to appear to be a tiny bit defeated, but it looks more like out and out depression, but I'm not, I'm not depressed.

No worries.  Just going to start over... that's the ticket.  While on vacation this week, I'm starting a walking adventure.  Have you noticed that everything is an adventure with me?  I plan on walking at the Armand Bayou Nature Center and Bay Area Park and Sylvan Beach....those places will help make my walking fun.  Plus, I've got great music to listen to, which really helps.

Yes, I blew it, but I'm not defeated.  At this very moment, I'm back with it.

I want to thank my Family members and you friends of mine for hanging with me.  Hugs and moochies to all!

And remember:  "Friendship is like peeing your pants:  Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warm feeling inside."