Aug. 6, 2015

More power to you Jill! You go girl!

This little one is giving me a high-five fist pump!
I lost 2 of the 3 pounds I had gained! I couldn't wait until Sunday to weigh, had to do it this morning. 222 lbs! My current short-term goal is to lose 12 lbs to make it 210. I'm happy!
Am continuing with: no soft drinks (not even diet), fruits, vegetables, snack on nuts and hot air popcorn, etc., cut down on sugar and prepare one portion at a time for meals. I can't fix and entire casserole, or I will devour it in a couple of days, so I fix a little at a time. I also keep veggie soup around. My adventure is awesome and I'm happy!
Thank you for your continued good thoughts and encouragement. I love you people!