Aug. 2, 2015

It's no shocker to me


I gained 3 shocker here.  Had 4 binge evenings last week, and there aren't any Ruffles, Cheetos, kettle chips, Fritos, etc. in the house.  Binged on fruit, cheese and sandwiches.  Never thought I'd binge on fruit!  What's that all about?  I hate fruit!

Do you watch Extreme Weight Loss?  I do.  They pick out worthy huge people and give them a year of hellish work outs, with running and weight lifting and better eating habits included.  You get to meet Chef Rocko (wow!).  The huge person loses tons of weight.  If they have lost enough weight, they get skin removal surgery, which makes them look aces.

I wish Chris Powell would show up on my doorstep and offer to train me in Colorado, give me skin removal surgery and makeovers. 

Thing is....I'm not heavy enough.  Ha.  Believe you have to weigh-in at over 250 to be on the show, plus, I've never seen anyone on there being anywhere close to my age of 63.

The first weigh, you have to be half-dressed, with your stomach hanging down, and your friends and family looking at you, with them having the most difficult time not shouting out, "What the hey happened to her!  Who lets themselves get that big?"

As mortifying as all that sounds, I 'd do it in a nana second to get help like that.  You also go through a bunch of emotional chow chow, which is necessary to help you find out why you eat so much.  It all comes down to feeling you've never truly been loved, like you're all alone in the world, that your scared of failing/succeeding, you're not worthy, blah blah blah.

At the end of the show, the women come out with extremely attractive gowns on, wearing 6" heels, a cool hair style.  Their friends and family are crowded around cheering for them.

If I were on there, no way would they put me in heels.  I would break my face!  Wearing a glittery dress would be nice, but I haven't been in a dress for many years and I'd feel way awkward.  But I'd do it.  Hey!  I'd even take a bath!

So....I've gained 3 lbs back. is another day.  I realize that the path I have been walking is not the best.  There are many paths, so I'll just get on another one, a better one.  Life is an adventure, and I must keep on walking....grasshopper.

How was that Clintrock?  I'm getting good at this "you go girl" stuff, huh?