Jul. 26, 2015

Weigh Day

[Here are Serentity, Odin, Attila and Edda saying, "Way to go Gamma.  We're proud of you.  Now give us a snack."]

I now weigh 221 lbs, because this past week I lost 2 lbs. which makes it a total of 11 lbs. lost!  My first goal is accomplished!  Yay!

Now, on to the next goal, which will be to lose another 11 lbs, which will bring me to an even 210.  I believe that's right, right?

Am still doing the following:  tweaking each meal to bring it down a notch, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking no soft drinks, and trying to stay away from sugar.  I weigh every Sunday morning.  There is no counting of calories - I do not look at labels any more.

Was at Moke & Kasey's yesterday.  For supper we went to McKenzie's to eat.  I ordered a hamburger, with mustard, no mayo, piled the veggies on, no fries, and a bowl of pinto beans.  it was so delicious. Then that evening, I snacked on hot air popcorn and cherries.  At day's end, I felt satisfied, and I didn't dwell on or fret about what I ate.

 I rode my exercise bike only twice, but I forsee doing it more in the future. 

I'm proud of me.  This adventure is easy most of the time, but I do want to gorge on potato chips.  I'm doing okay right now.

Really luv u guys!