Jul. 12, 2015

Weigh Day

Cool4th Weigh = 224 (loss of 1 lb) Total lbs lost = 8!

A loss of 8 lbs since June 21.  Very proud of that.  I will continue on.

There were times this week, being the night feeder that I am, I binged on unsalted cashews, pretzels, yogurt and a banana.  But I didn't binge every night.

I've decided to refer to my weight adventure as Tweaking.  No not twerking, gees....Tweaking.  If I were rich I would make Tweaking the next, and final, popular "diet".  You know... everytime we hear about a new diet idea, we immediately jump to do it.  Then we get bored with it, return to Atkins or Weight Watchers, get bored with it, and all the time gaining more weight.  Yes, yes, you know the drill.

You can stick with Tweaking.  1)do not count calories, 2)stop the soft drinks, 3)whole wheat breads, 4)don't make losing weight so regimented, 6)plan your grocery list for 3 or 4 days and don't make a big hairy deal about it.  7)and most important of all...tweak each meal. 

Example: Prepare two small hamburgers, with mustard, on wheat bread, lots of veggies, cut the cheese (sorry!) and no fries.  There you go....6 tweaks for this meal.  You get it?  Small burgers instead of large ones make you feel you've got lots to eat.  Mustard instead of mayo - of course you could tweak it and use lite mayo, but you're still tweaking.  Wheat bread instead of white, pile on the veggies, no cheese and no fries.  It's plenty to eat, you won't feel deprived much.

Another example:  Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled, two slices of bread.  This is how you tweak it.....scramble eggs in non-stick pan with no butter - they turn out yummy, choose wheat bread and spray toast with spray butter.  Tweaks = 3.

If you have questions, go to the Guestbook page and ask.  Let me know what you think of this weight adventure.  And... if you have lots of money and "know someone," contact me and we can start the last, adventure anyone will ever take to get fit.  Everybody will be Tweaking!  It will be a 60-40 split.  With me receiving the 60, of course.   Hahahahaha!  No, I'm serious!  Just kidding hee.  Actually I'm totally serious.  Nah.  Yes yes yes!

Am going to force myself to ride my exercise bike this week.  That would be a tweak for me for sure.

I always want to thank you for your good thoughts and encouragement.  It helps tremendously!  Love you ALL!