Jul. 5, 2015

Weigh Day

Cool 3rd Weigh = 225 lbs (loss of 4 lbs this week)  Total lbs loss = 7!

Awesome! Awesome! Orange Blossom!  Prayer works for me!  I'm so happy!  7 lbs down *happy dance*!

Made a list, grocery shopped and only bought those things on the list.  No last minute grabbing of little Butterfingers or kettle chips, no Fiddle Faddle or mini frozen tacos (Heavens I love those little frozen taco thingees!). 

Bought good snacks, cooked an appropriate amount for supper and snacked on fruit pops and hot air popcorn, fruit and vegetables, and best of all, I thanked my Father and told Him how awesome he was over and over again.

I have many difficult times saying no to myself, and often don't eat the way that I should, but it's important to get back to my weight adventure and continue on.

Am having a happy happy adventure!  Please continue your good thoughts and encouragement.

I love you all!