Jul. 3, 2015

Still Tweaking

Last night, ate a bowl of Cheerios that didn't need to be eaten.  The other day, steamed too many red potatoes and ate everyone.  Tried hard to not fix too much food, but did it anyway. 

Also, prepared too much spaghetti this week.  Spaghetti is loved by me.  Was trying to fix only enough for a comfortable meal, but that didn't happen.  Strong cravings are very difficult to fight.  

Tweaking -- finding a tweak in each meal and snack is what I'm going for.  Spaghetti with no garlic bread, sandwich on wheat with no potato chips, hot air popcorn no butter added, fruit popsicles instead of ice cream. 

Also, do not keep chips, peanut butter, Butter Fingers, powdered donuts, caramel chews, etc. in the house....it's too much temptation for me.  If it's here, consider it eaten.

When I overdose, I want it to be on fruits and vegetables.

I'll be "weighing-in" (as if I were a prized heifer) Sunday morning.  Not sure I've lost any poundage, but I've tried this week, and will continue to try.  Not going to beat myself up if the scale doesn't move, because I'm working on eating right and getting healthier.  It would be cool to be an inspiration to others who also have an addiction to food.

Wanna thank you for reading my ramblings.  Will admit to getting a bit of a high when you do.  It's cool to know that people are rooting for me.  Please know, that I would also root for you.

I so appreciate your continued support and good thoughts.  Luv luv luv you guys so much.  It's awesome to have family and friends.

"I'm Jill and I'm a foodaholic."  "Hi Jill."