Jun. 26, 2015


Hi everybody! 

Continuing on my weight adventure....Before, I seldom looked at my image in the mirror, but now that my adventure has begun, I look often.  It's extremely frightening, as you can well imagine.  Just look at my 1st post on this page.  My butt is so big..."How big is it?"...well, you could set a glass of wine on it and it would stay there.  Now it's not a bubble butt like Kim K's and not as smooth and oily, but it's out there.  I apologize for the image.  Drink some wine, maybe it will help you forget the horror.

Anywho...last night, I had such a craving for snack stuff!  It was a draw to the ice box and then to the pantry, back and forth...one of those frantic craving episodes.  But, I overcame the urge.  Instead I ate a handful of almonds and two fruit pops.  So proud of me.

And like I mentioned in the previous post, I will update you Sunday as to my weight to see if I've lost any.  Please continue your good thoughts and encouragement, because I am hugely weak and I need it.

That's not me in the picture.  I would never weight a two-piece...lord no!  I was wondering.....why is she standing under a rug?

"I'm Jill and I'm a foodaholic."  "Hi Jill!"