Jun. 21, 2015

The Beginning

BlinkSunday, first weigh = 232 lbs.

Dr told me to lose weight, because I'm close to being diabetic.  I have weighed around 230 lbs for years.  I remember seeing a picture of me taken with the rest of my family at Mom's surprise BD party years ago, weight = 230 lbs.

We all know that you lose weight by eating food that's good for you, eat less of it and you exercise.   The following is the way I will be eating from now on:

1.no extra sugar  2.not so much salt  3.wheat instead of white  4.no soft drinks (not even the diet ones)  5.cook my meals instead of eating out all the time  6.prepare only the amount I should eat for each meal, so that I won't overeat  7.keep fruit, veggies, cheese around for snacking  8.experiment with preparing food different ways so that I don't get bored eating the same stuff  9. don't count calories  10.ride my exercise bike and walk,  11.plan meals one day at a time. 

When I take some tonage off, I'm going to reward myself with a real bike, and not one of those with a painful seat either....a comfy seat instead.  And I'm getting a massage too.

So, here I go.  Pretty sure my back, knees and feet are gonna thank me.

I'll be adding to this WEIGHT page periodically, and will let you know each time I do.  And one more thing....if you come to my blog site one day, and the WEIGHT page is missing, well......you can figure that out yourself.

This is my BEFORE picture, taken in May 2015.  Yikes!

I luv you guys!