Mar. 31, 2018


Hey, I joined Weight Watchers, and weighed in at 225.8 lbs.  Got weighed last Wednesday at my 2nd meeting, and… drum roll paaleeese… I now weigh 225 lbs!  Yes, I lost .8 lbs.  Yipee-ki-yea!  Sure, I was bummed that it wasn’t more, but a loss is a loss, blah, blah.  And friends tell me that it’s a marathon, not a race, blah, blah, blah.

 This might be my 8th+ time to join WW. I know it works.  Well, in fact, I know that every diet works… you can take the poundage off by following just about every diet plan under the sun.  Of course, the keeping off of the weight is the problem.  I hate that part.  I would love to know the total number of pounds that I have lost in my lifetime.  It’s an astronomical number, I’m sure.

My sweet friend and sister-at-heart, Sondra, inspired me to begin WW’s.  She’s lost 40+ pounds doing it, since October of last year.  She looks great. I’m so proud of her.  We go to the same WW meeting, and she’s been helping me with recipes and products that taste good and are low in points.

 I get 23 points a day, with a bucket of 41 points to be used throughout the week in case I need them for Birthday cake and other special occasion foods.  Chicken, eggs, veggies, fruit and beans are all zero points. I know! I know! Wow, huh? 

 We have a bunch of April birthdays in my family, where eating of the birthday cake will be a necessity, so I’m prepared for that.  There’s an old husband’s tail that goes like this, “Non-eating of a friend/family member’s birthday cake, will make their wish before the blowing of the candles, null and void.”  Hey! I would never, never want to cause someone’s wish not to come true, so I do my part. I have a giving spirit that loves birthday cake.

 EXERCISE:  I was watching a yoga video and at the beginning were the words, "We recommend that you watch this video from beginning to end before you practice. Rest when you are tired. Be patient. Pace yourself. Breathe."  I had to catch my breath 5 minutes into the video, and by the end I needed a nap.

A SHORT BIO OF JILL:  I have down times, a fear of growing old, a serious love of my grandsons, huge fondness for my sons, forever love for my brothers, sisters and their families, I’ll be 66 in April, love going to the movies, I have anger issues, I’m snarky, I like Chris Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, and I am in total awe of Jason Mamoa.

 I WAS HOPING THAT:  You could “follow” me on Facebook, so that you will never miss a post from my blog. That way, I won’t be giving a shout-out to everybody and their dog.  What cha say? Wouldn’t that be fun?  Yes, I thought you would like that. There I am giving to others again.  You could also go to my blog site and look around any time you want to.  I’ve been absent from it for a while.  I love it when you comment to me on Facebook and on my blog.  I’m just sayin’.

 I do love you guys! Until next time… Take care.

Aug. 14, 2017

I saw Jason Momoa’s Aquaman online and I had to have it!  Look at the scar over his eyebrow and the spots under his eye!  It so rocks beyond most things!

 Do y'all watch People of Earth and Wrecked?  Well you should, because they’re funny.

 I told this guy that John Wesley Hardin was so mean, he once shot a man just for snoring; and the guy who never heard that saying before asked, “Were they sleeping together?”  Hmm, I don't know.

 The last Transformers movie I saw at the theater had so much action in it that I fell asleep.  Seriously, I did.  I can’t imagine I’d stay awake during this current one.  I saw the preview and it is action out the wazoo.

 Let me 'splain something to you Lucy, when you cup your hands around your mouth while shouting, you make it impossible to hear what you're yelling.


Weight Update -- You might be wondering why I haven’t posted in weeks about my weight loss journey.  Well, what happened is, I took a detour at Fast Food, and I stayed a while, and also, that depression thing came over me like it does.  So, I gained 10 pounds back, but, and I have a huge one, I’m trying to eat less once again, by eating more vegetables and fruit, no soft drinks, not even Crystal Lite, and I’m still working out at the gym in La Porte with my awesome personal trainer Becky Bice, and in a couple of weeks I'll begin a yoga class instructed by the sweetest yoga instructor around, Devera Allen-Scheller, plus, I’m trying not to run my sentences on and on, like I did this one. I take wrong turns a lot in regards to food, but I keep on trying. 

 Seriously though, I truly believe that the best weight loss plan for me is if I had Jason Mamoa for my very own.  If he was my guy, I would not overeat again. Hey, a girl can dream… even a golden girl!  Golden girl?... Oh good lord I’m 65!!  I will never, never, never get over that!!


I love you guys!  Please remember, don't text and drive, don't hang your head out of a moving car, unless you're having an anxiety attack or you're throwing up, don't run with scissors, be kind to each other and the most important thing of them all to remember... call your Mother. 


Jun. 17, 2017

I’ve been having massive cravings for salty things… and peanut butter!  When I buy peanut butter, like I’ve told you before, I keep it in the ice box, and will go to it several times a night and load up a hugemongous bunch of it on a spoon, and then devour it!  Oh heavens, it’s like candy!


Potato chips, it’s always potato chips that I want!  My favorite is Lay’s Waves, but I’ll eat any chip they’ve ever made!  Have you ever licked the salt off of a tortilla chips or a saltine cracker and then ate it?  How about putting a Cheeto in your mouth and sucking the Chee stuff out of it and then eating it?  I could probably have a salt lick installed in my house and it wouldn’t be enough salt.


I’ll have my strong times, when I fight my cravings, but there are those times, like the last week or so, when the fight is not in me, and I will eat whatever I want.  It’s still Whataburger and Schlotzsky’s that are my favorite fast food craves.  If Whataburger were to ask me, I would do a commercial for them in a second!  I could be Whataburger’s Flo! 


I’m still exercising and always will.  I normally do three workouts a week, and I never miss, unless something important comes up. 


A weird thing occurred last Thursday night.  I was sitting in my comfy chair, searching On Demand and Netflix for anything with Jason Momoa in it that I haven’t seen, and I started thinking things like, “What if I were to start exercising right now?  What if I put on my heavy metal instrumental meditative music, sit on the floor and did some yoga stretches and some crunches and as many pushups as I could?  What if I were to do that?  What keeps me from working out by myself?”  And then I used a strategy that I’ve been using of late… “Don’t think about, JUST DO IT.”


Then suddenly, I got up and I worked out!  I did it with no one there making me do it!  Afterwards, I was surprised that I wasn’t jumping up and down and high fiving myself.  But instead, I simply took a shower, put my jammies on and went back to my comfy chair and back to searching for Jason Momoa.  Other than writing the historical event down in my diary, I made no big deal out of it.  BUT (and mine is big)… it was a big deal!  I don’t understand my non-celebration.  What am I afraid of?  I'm going to think hard on that.


There are hundreds of metaphoric boulders in my path to fitness, I moved one last night.  I just thought that up.  Was it too much?  Ha.  What movie are the words “residual boulders” spoken?


I need to will myself to get back to getting fit.  I want to continue to be able to play with my grandsons, and I don't want anyone to have to take care of me.  Thank you my sweet friend Dianna, for reminding me of that. 


[I posted Jason Momoa pictures again, because I think he's epic, and I like looking at him.]

May. 31, 2017


I’m still working out.  In fact, I can’t see me NOT working out, ever.  I’m a gym rat.  Wait?  Can I be a gym rat if I’m in a gym only 3 times a week?  Ah, the smell of B.O. and chlorine in the morning!  You know that I’m goofing, right?


I sure hope that posting my fit journey on my blog and wanting to share it, helps you in some way.  We all have addictions that we battle.  I can’t change my food addiction on my own.  I need you, and I hope that you need me back.


 I’m thankful:

I’m always thankful for Becky, my personal trainer (Yes!), and Devera, who instructs wellness classes at the college, and for Susana, who inspires me to treadmill and exercise bike after our Total Body Workout Class.  Without these 3 beautiful people, I wouldn’t be pushing myself to get better.


 You’re not alone.  I'm here for you. Don’t drink and drive.  Don’t text and drive.  Think positively.  Call your Mother.

I think you’re epic, and I love you!


I was just thinking:

Did you know that Martian Probe is the name of a satellite and also a pastime of Martians?  In your opinion, what would be worse, being mauled by a grizzly bear, probed by a Martian or a papercut?  Hey, don't tell me you haven't thought of this before!