Camping Trip #1

These are pics of our first camping trip.  Rugby and I went to Huntsville State Park.  We had a peaceful time and became one with nature, sort of, well as close to nature as we wanted to get.  I'm not a fan of flies or heat or chiggers, and Rugby didn't appreciate the resident squirrel stealing her dog food.  But, it was fun to get away.  We're going on more camping trips in the future.  Maybe Martin Dies State Park will be next.

Somethings I learned and will use this knowledge on future trips.  (1) Bring a shovel, so I don't have to pick up Rugby's poop with paper towels. As you probably know, poop is warm and icky, and I'm not a big fan. Who is, right?  (2) Bring a broom to sweep off the concrete platform that picnic tables are sat upon.  (3) Buy a longer leash for Rugby so I don't have to continually tie and untie her when I move about the camp.  (4) Buy a dog stake that rotates so that Rugs doesn't get twirled around a stationary stake, thus choking herself.  Much like her keeper, she's not real bright at times.  (5) Reserve a campsite with a stand up grill on a pole, so I don't have to prepare burgers on my Coleman stove.

I learned other stuff, but I don't remember it, which won't be of any help to me in the future.

  • Campsite

    Huntsville State Park - Site #139. Lots of shade and space.

  • Tent

    Comfy inside tent. Rugby slept on the floor and later jumped into the cot with me. Sweet.

  • Trees

    Loved the shade trees. The tree on the right is attacking the tree on the left. I didn't think that very friendly.

  • Leaf... duh

    Felt that since I was out in nature, that I should take a nature picture. That's what you're supposed to do, right? Well, here is a leaf. Pretty awesome, huh?

  • Neighbors

    My nearest neighbors were in the white truck way, way back there. I loved my privacy.

  • Restroom

    I purposely picked a site close to a restroom. I knew it would be an urgent necessity.

  • Shower

    Friday night I was taking a shower, and the floor drain clogged and water rose to 6 inches. Ewww, not sanitary. Felt like I needed a shower after my shower. Thank heavens I wore my swim shoes. Never, never take a camp shower without wearing swim shoes. Saturday night I decided to forgo a shower, ick! Also, being in the restroom made me gag - not good smells, if you know what I mean? The park needs to do a better job of keeping the restrooms clean, and people need to not be such filthy slobs.

  • Grill

    It was too hot to start a fire. Besides I couldn't keep one going. I need to work on that. If I were ever on Survivor and couldn't keep a fire going, I would surely be voted off the island! I did all my cooking on my Coleman. I noticed that when you cook on a camp stove, the burner is either blazing or out.

  • Chillin' #1

    This is me, leaning back and listening to my favorite music. The fan was blowing on me, and there was also a nice breeze. This was the best part of the trip.

  • Chillin' #2

    Relaxing and journaling.

  • Friends

    These two came to visit. They camped on the picnic table. They were well behaved and eerily quiet, so I let them stay. Strange little guys to say the least.

  • Souveniors

    Every camping trip I'm going to bring back Faolan, Rowan and Varric a momento, whether they like it or not. Ha. A pinecone for each of them. I saved one for me also.

  • Oweeee

    While camping, I got chiggers on the back of my upper right arm. They itch like mad! I wouldn't wish chiggers, the nasty buggers, on the meanest of my friends... and you know who you are.

  • I almost forgot!

    This is Rugby, my fellow camper. She's a hoot and a half and sometimes a pain in the arse, but she's also my buddy.

My Fall Trip 2015

If you read this page, you might think I should have called my trip Hamburger Trip. I ate a lot of 'em.

I had a very cool vacation....stayed at nice motels, had some delicious meals, met cool people, got away from things for a while and got to see my Jeffy.  I had much fun!

Hope you enjoyed reading all about it.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  Luv U!

  • Magnolia Diner

    As usual, I began my Fall trip from Conroe, Tx, with a send off from Moke and Kasey. That's Kasey on the left. Wish Moke had been in the picture too, but somebody had to take the dang thing.

  • John Wayne

    On the floor of the Diner was a star of John Wayne. Of course, me being The Duke's #1 fan, I had to take a picture of it.

  • Brenham, Tx

    Mobius Coffeehouse - I had pizza at this place. It was good, but nothing to write home'm not sure why I mentioned it.

  • A business man

    The coffeehouse was crowded, so I had to sit across from this guy. I thought him a bit of a freak, but it was Halloween, so I guess he fit right in for the day. He didn't talk much, just worked away at his computer.

  • Texas Seafood & Steak House

    Still in Brenham, I ate at this place. Not fond of the food. The wait staff was extra, special nice, but the food sucked.
    Spent the night at the Couch Light Inn - very nice and affordable.

  • Burton Tx - Population 300 - Sa.....loot!

    Breakfast at Becky's Café. German was spoken here. I ate German pancakes and German sausage. It sucked. Owners and wait staff were extra friendly. The chocolate pie was AWESOME!

  • Also in Burton

    Still at Becky's, I asked the waitress about "Errant Blocks of Granite." That's the reason I stopped here... I was curious. The sweetest guy ever told me the story of how they loaded up granite on a train that took the pieces to Galveston to build the seawall. Some of the blocks fell off, and the people have left them there. That was interesting to me. Hey! You still awake?

  • Carmine Tx

    This is Flat Stanley. When Ethan was in elementary school, he had a project where he colored Flat Stanley on a piece of paper, cut him out and sent him to his Aunt Susan living in the state of Washington. When Susan received Stanley, she put him in a big envelope, along with information about her state, and mailed it back. Then E shared that information with the kids in his class. Cute idea.

  • Dime Box Tx

    This is a very large dime in a box at Dime Box Tx. Ha. Its named Dime Box because in olden days, people left dimes in their mail boxes, plus the cost of groceries, and the mail man would deliver their groceries.
    Wonder if any of the mail persons went postal back then.

  • Pedicure

    I was on vacation and figured that I deserved one. Those are my polka dotty pj bottoms. Cool, huh?

  • Cedar Creek, Tx

    I'd like you to meet Ms Pearl The Giant Squirrel. She was kind of friendly and very proud of her pecan.
    The souvenir shop was also proud of its pecans. Holy nutz! Needless to say, I didn't buy any.

  • Bastrop, Tx

    Stayed at Comfort Suites. Ate at Las Cocinas. This is ranked the #1 place to eat in Bastrop. The food was good, and the waitress was awesome.

  • Elroy, Tx

    Happy Face water tower. It did its job. It made me smile.

  • Manor, Tx

    Manor had the suckiest attractions. Visited their ghost town. The internet said that the guy who built the ghost town, found planks buried there from a previous town, so he built a ghost town from the wood on the same spot. This place was supposed to have the yummiest burgers and an old guy named George, who loves to talk to visitors. When I got there, music was playing loudly, but there was no George and no burgers. I figured it must truly be a ghost town. And, I had to use a porta potty, and there was no water to wash my hands! I got outta there real quick, before the ghost town showed me a ghost!

  • Also NOT in Manor, Tx

    Johnny Depp's handprints were supposed to be in front of Manor Grocery, but I couldn't find them. He left them there while filming "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." I looked and looked. Went inside to ask the guy working there and he had never heard of the handprints nor had he ever heard of Johnny Depp. Might be because he didn't speak a lick of English. This was the other sucky attraction in Manor, Tx. I didn't care for the town at all.

  • Smithville, Tx

    I stumbled onto the Comfort Café, and was happy that I did. This is a place where people who have substance abuse gather and get support. You don't pay for your meal, but are asked to donate. I sat outside next to a circle of people who were having a group session. I ate my fantastically delicious hamburger slowly so that I could watch and listen. It was inspiring. People were very friendly there. I was happy that I fell. Get it?

  • Columbus, Tx

    Stayed at the Best Value Inn - good price and good room.
    Ate at Nancy's Seafood and Steak House. The steak and potato were delicious, but the ribs not so much.

  • Columbus, Tx

    Columbus, home of a most excellent oak tree!

  • The tree again

    I'm so happy I got to see it! I adore trees, and this one would have been awesome to climb!

  • Jeff and Katie's House

    Stayed the night at Jeff's house. Their home is very nice and the work barn is huge, with a fantastic porch where they can have parties and dance.
    It's always good to be with my oldest.

  • Supper with My Jeffy

    Ate at Southern Flyer Diner at the Columbus airport. My boy is a pilot, so I wasn't at all surprised that he would take me here. That's a picture of fried pickles. They were excellent. The diner is fashioned after the 60's, with the waitresses wearing poodle skirts. We had delicious hamburgers and shared a strawberry shake! Yummy yum!
    I got home safely and had a fun time.
    --THE END--

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