Dec. 29, 2017

exercise... watching

I’m really good at exercise… watching. Every time I open Fb, there is a post from Go Fit Stay Fit. Their site is all about eating right and exercising.  I will watch every, single video they post. They are so inspiring.

The videos show arm exercises, core exercises, yoga poses and the proper way to do them for stress relief and better sleep, and other exercises that will help you better yourself. 

I am so focused on exercise… watching. I always grimace when squats or burpees or any movement done that involves using your knees is performed though.  Oweee! 

Yes, I am all about the bettering of myself, while exercise… watching.  I bet you that if I could lose a nanna pound for every post I’ve watched about exercise and staying fit, I’d be a goddess! No, I would be a Viking Princess Warrior Goddess! 

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.