Dec. 10, 2017

I need to stay away from Walmart

I know that I mention this a lot, but it makes me angry at the site of cars that have windows as dark as the ones in this picture.  Why?  Why would anyone need to have windows that dark?  What if there is a child in this car being abducted and we can't do anything to help the little one, because we can't see inside the stupid car?  Like I've said before, unless you're a vampire, there is no good need for windows to be this dark.



  It's not me... it's you.



In real life, I often wish there was an "Undo Delete (Ctrl + Z)" button.



Even though Walmart is covered in Christmasy stuff, the Christmas spirit has not touched the hearts of many of its shoppers yet.  Don't believe I've ever seen so many aggressive, unpleasant, on a mission from God shoppers.  I'm pushing my cart and having to stop on a dime when someone burst out in front of me.  It pains my knees like crazy!  And the entire time I'm smiling away, trying to make eye contact, to see a pleasant person who has a return smile for me, but I'm not getting a return. 

Until, I see a sweet lady shaking her head from side to side as she looks at an alarm clock.  I was desperate to see sweetness in at least one person, so I pulled over to her and asked if she was having a tough time.  As she looked up, I heard the cutest laugh coming from her.  She told me how she was having a difficult time setting her alarm clock at home, and she was thinking of throwing hers away and finding one that was easier to operate.  We then discussed how old we were, and that we were both electronically challenged. 

While we were talking and laughing, another lady came up to us and said that she could help with setting the alarm, and that we should get a clock that shows the time on the ceiling, because she had one and loved it.  My first friend was amazed that they made such a clock.  I watched the two of them reading clock directions, it was cute. 

Before I walked away, I told them how happy I was to come across them, and that they had taken all the negativity out of my shopping experience for the day.  Told 'em I was searching for just one person to smile back at me, and instead I got two.  And they started saying we are all so blessed and that life is actually very nice.  My experience at Walmart was a very nice one, and I left the store with a broad smile on my face. 

And then, I reached my car... and there were birds covering the top of it and they were all over the top of the truck across from me.  I stopped quickly in my tracks (as my knees said ouch!) and saw a guy in the truck feeding the birds French fries.  I said, "What the ?" and started putting groceries in my car, as the birds swooped all around me.  Birds are cool, but I don't like it when they swoop all around me.  I got in my car as quickly as I could, and heard the click clicking of bird feet loudly on the car roof.  I thought when I shut the door that they would scatter away, but they didn't.  I suddenly felt like I couldn't wait to get back to the solitude of my home, where the only crazy person I want to hang with is me.