Oct. 22, 2017

bless her heart


  1. It irritates me when I hear someone say at this point in time.  What happened to just saying now or right now? 

  2. Have you noticed that people have almost quit starting their sentences with the word basically. Man they beat the heck out of that word, didn’t they?  It made me cringe every time I heard it!

 Helpful Hint:

Saying mean things about someone who isn't around makes you look bad to others, doesn’t it?  What if you said the following, “She’s older than the hills, and can’t remember her own name!”  Wow, that’s brutal, right? Well, just soften the jab by adding "bless her heart" at the end, and it will make you sound like you're a sweet, loving person.  Listen:  "She's older than the hills, and can't remember her own name, bless her heart."  See there, from evil wretch to caring friend.

 Don’t Judge Me:

I would be a great asset stocking store shelves, because I like things straight and in order.  My OCD, or whatever, causes me to straighten CDs while I'm looking through them, and I straighten books, and sometimes grocery store items like boxes and jars.  I don’t do it in a huge way though, not so you could notice.  Hey! Everybody has their hang ups, dude!

 Please Remember:

 As you go through this week… Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just stand there, when you see a Lemonade Stand, always stop and buy a glass and pay more than the little kids are asking for, and best of all... always remember to call your Muther or Grandmuther, cause that would make their day.  Thank y'all so much for reading! Luv Ya!