Oct. 8, 2017

7 random thoughts

7 Random Thoughts -- 

Why is the word subtle spelled s-u-b-t-l-e and not s-u-d-d-l-e or s-u-t-t-l-e?

I went to Pei Wei, and they dropped 8 fortune cookies in my take-out bag!  Dude! What am I supposed to do with that?  How am I to know my correct fortune?  Why do people do such things?  They think they are being generous, but instead they're making my future a gamble!  It's puzzling.  I shuffled the cookies, closed my eyes and grabbed one.  The fortune read, "The limit to your abilities is where you place it."  What the hey? Place what? What am I supposed to place? That fortune sucked big time! I want another fortune, a better one.  I'm thinking that if I turn around 3 times, repeat, "That was not my fortune cookie. That was not my fortune cookie!" and then shout "take backs!" then I can choose another one. Seriously, what is the procedure for canceling a fortune, and choosing another one, and which fortune out of 8 is mine? And, what do I do with the other fortune cookies? I'm very puzzled!

Leonard Hofstadter on Big Bang Theory, "Physics is exactly like Lost.  It started out great, and turns out just a big old waste of time."

In my opinion, no one should drive a car with dark windows, unless you have a skin disease that reacts badly to the sun, or if your eyes are extremely sensitive and you can't take the brightness of the sun, or you're a vampire, and in that case, what are you doing out in the daytime in the first place? When people drive dark windowed cars, you don't know if they're flipping you off, pointing a gun at you, naked, or mooning you.  I think those things are important to know.  I believe that dark windows on cars have added to rudeness in drives. I'm just sayin'.

Does anyone else cringe at just the thought of touching a piece of chalk?  Ewww!

Thank y'all so much for reading! As you go through this new week that's coming on, please remember that you're never alone, don't take a long walk off a short pier, don't run with scissors, don't eat tacos before a big workout, and most of all remember to call your Mother, cause she loves you with her whole heart, unless she doesn't, and then that sucks big time, how can I help?