Sep. 23, 2017

What? No picture of Jason Momoa? Have I gone mad?

James Corden would be a blast to hang with. In this segment, the Foofighters climb into his van, and later stop at a music store and jam. I loved this!

I was wondering... how is it that my cell phone can tell me if it's going to rain so that I don't crack my windows a little bit while I'm at work, can give me directions to where I need to go, can play my favorite music, give me a competitive price on shop fans from other stores while I'm in Walmart looking at their shop fan prices, let me know what movies are playing, give me a review of those movies, tell me what the traffic is like on my drive to the movie theater, they can help with hanging a picture on the wall to make sure that it's level, take great pictures and record memorable videos of my Grandsons and Family, and do a whole bunch of other fantastical, helpful things, BUT, and I have a big one, if I want to talk to a family member on my cell phone, which is the actual reason for cell phones to talk to people without being with the person that we're talking to, it's like speaking on a shortwave radio without the saying of "over" when I've finished a comment, while I'm under water scuba diving in Papua New Guinea?

I wonder... how many times I've opened a packet of Sweet and Low, and while emptying it into a cup of coffee, dropped the packet of Sweet and Low into the coffee.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. I think you rock and I love you! And I would like y'all to please always remember, you're not alone, if you see someone who needs help, help them, except if they're a serial kill, then don't help them, don't run with scissors, wait 30 minutes after eating before going in swimming, unless someone is drowning, and in that case forget waiting 30 minutes and jump in and save that drowning person, cause I don't believe the 30 minute rule has any affect in live or die situations, and the most bestest thing of all to remember is call you Mother, or surprise her at work with a hug and a moochie and a journal book... my Sweetheart Jeffrey you rock and you are my heart.