Sep. 10, 2017

just wondering...

>>>> Worthless emoji's on our cells... can you tell me why there are so many countries’ flags?  Why is there a girl and a guy wearing a beret with a red scar on their faces?  A girl and a guy with their eyes closed and goggles sitting on top of their heads?  A compression emoji? A fleur-de-lis? Why is there a rice emoji with a black square in it (as pictured)? The number 100 with two lines under it?  Why not have the number 500 or the number 1,000 with two lines under it?  And some of the emoji’s I can't even make out, because they're so tiny.  It’s a bit of a mystery.  I would like to be able to delete the emojis that I will never use. Is that possible?  And… why call them emojis?  I think that “emo” stands for emotions, but why emo-jis? I want to know the answers to these questions, but not enough to research them. Hopefully one or two of you will enlighten me with their knowledge.

>>>>> Have you ever wondered how many times you've mowed your yard, or the total money you’ve paid to have your yard mowed?

>>>>> We all know that if Sean Bean is in something, his character is going to die.  What I wonder is... why?  Why do they kill him off?

>>>>> I wonder if the world would be a better place, if we all followed these 5 rules?  1.don't run with scissors in your hand, 2.don't be rude - it proves your stupidity,'re never alone - unless you're the only one around, kind to each other, 5.and the most important rule of them all - call your Mother.

I want to leave you with this gift… repeat after me... 8675309... there, now you can have that song stuck in your head for days too!  Don't tell me I never gave you anything. You are welcome.

People, I love you to pieces! Wild