Feb. 17, 2017

a bunch of random thoughts


I was remembering when Daddy would be driving us on our annual summer vacation trip to see Grandmother and Grandpa Teegarden in Bristow, Oklahoma.  My brothers and I would see a train, and we’d start counting the cars.  None of us ever came up with the same total.

Have you ever been able to open one of those easy open resealable zippered bags on the first try?  Me neither.

I hate going clothes shopping!  I have the worst style in clothes and can rarely find anything to fit me, especially jeans!  I was looking for jeans at Penney’s and noticed that they make a 24W Skinny Leg pair.  Whaaa?  I could see Gru from Despicable Me wearing them! 

If a pair of jeans fit me in the waist, then they are like clown pants around the hips.  I have to buy long jeans, because if I don't, when I sit down, the bottom hem comes up to mid-calf and that is just not a good look for me, or for anyone for that matter.

I understand that you can place peppermint plants throughout your house to keep mice away.  Seems they don’t care for the scent. 

I don’t care for the scent of vanilla, so you might think of that, if you ever want to get rid of me.