Jan. 7, 2017

I was just wondering

I have a cold, and was wondering… where is all this snot coming from? My nose is red and swollen, because I have blown it like every two minutes all day long! If I had saved all the snot that I’ve blown, it would fill a bucket and would probably weigh 5 pounds!

Was wondering... have you ever irritated someone to the point of them shouting, "Oh, go blow your nose!"

I was also wondering… why, directly after I’ve used the restroom, do I pee my pants every time I sneeze? Where is this residual pee hiding?

I watched a National Geographic about wildebeest. It showed thousands of them running on this long journey that they take every year, and lions were chasing them. I was wondering… why don’t the lions just hang with the older group of wildebeest (maybe while the elderly wilde's are playing a round of bingo), and eat them; or, there’s bound to be a section of sickly wildebeest that are too slow to keep up with the others, that the lions could feast on. 

Wondering… why is it spelt wildebeest and not wildebeast?

I was wondering… if you have a refrigerator drawer full of condiment packets like I do, would you send me a picture of it?

As of today, my blog has received 36,023 visits, and I was wondering... why don't more people comment? How do you go about getting people to follow you? Well yes, of course, do something that's worth following, but what else?

I love you guys and appreciate you reading.