Dec. 21, 2016


I was wondering why I’ve been thinking about my father-in-law so much lately, and seeing signs and having memories of him.  Then, from a previous post, Facebook reminded me that Pop passed away 5 years ago at this time.  So that’s why I’m seeing him everywhere.  Goosebumps.

For instance, I was thinking about an old actor, Pat Hingle, who reminded me of Pop.  Then I start watching a repeat of the TV series Wings, and low and behold, there was Pat Hingle playing the part of Joe and Brian Hackett’s pretend grandpa.  I was wowed and sat there watching it with goosebumps.

Another instance, I’ve been smelling lumber.  The smell of lumber or construction, takes me back to Pop.  He built my house.  Took us 2-1/2 years to complete it.  I learned a bunch from him in those years.  He drove Michael and me crazy during that time, but we also have many fond memories of him.  If Pop hadn’t built my house, I might be living under a bridge.  No, not really, my brothers wouldn’t have let that happen to me, I don’t think?  No, I’m sure they wouldn’t have.  Ha.

One more instance… last week, an electrician friend of mine was helping me with a problem at the house, and he told me to meet him at McCoy’s Lumberyard to pick up a breaker.  Wow, McCoy’s… Pop and I must have gone there a million times while working on the house!  I walked into McCoy’s, and got instant goosebumps.

Because of Pop, I’ve never had a house note, I have my own home and therefore there’s less worry about money.   I’m thankful to you Pop, and I love you. 

[I took this picture of my sons loving their Dad, while standing by Pop’s casket; and when my mother-in-law passed away, I took a picture of the 3 of them standing by her casket.  They are both dear photos.]