Dec. 13, 2016

another epic visit to Kroger

[Before I share this post with you, I want you to know, that I know, that I’m not a writer.  My brother, Mark Hayter, is a writer… not me.  I just write down words the way that I would be saying the words if you were standing right here with me.  And yes, I know I don’t use commas or semi-colons in the proper places, and I do the “…” thing all the time.  I used to know punctuation rules, but I have forgotten most of ‘em.  Now, I knew that you knew that, but I wasn’t sure if you knew that I knew it.] 

N-nee-how… I wanted to share about another visit I had at my Kroger store.

This happened yesterday… After work, I went to the Kroger in La Porte.  As I walked in, a lady was coming out. I smiled at her and she smiled back.  She didn’t give me a forced smile, it was a real smile, very genuine.  A few steps into the store, I was still smiling from the genuine smile the lady gave back to me, and another lady gave me a genuine smile! 

It continued on throughout the store.  Ladies and men and kids all smiled back at me.  Even the employees were making eye contact and giving me sweet smiles.  I did not come across one, single rude person during the entire time I was in the store.  And some even said “Hi” and “Hello” while they were smiling!

I kept wondering what the heck was going on, and It hit me that maybe I had something on my face, so I pulled out my mirror.  There was nothing on my face that didn’t belong there. 

I left the store, and got into my car and I sat there thinking how good I felt inside.  I felt good and I felt stunned… and I also felt warm all over.  It was as if I had experienced a miracle.  What are the odds that every person I came across in my 20 minute grocery trip was happy and showing it?  I would say the number is astronomical!  I have never felt that pleasant around strangers.  It was epic.