Nov. 25, 2016

a Kroger visit

Had a fantastical visit to Kroger the other day.  Did you notice that I used a different adjective in describing something other than using awesome?  I realized that I say awesome way too often, and that there are other words just sitting around waiting to be used in place of it.  I could have said I had a groovy visit or an epic visit, but I chose fantastical.  Why?  Because I think it’s an awesome word.

Meanwhile, back at Kroger... I'm standing with my back up against shelves and looking for something on the opposite shelf, and a lady walks past me and says "Excuse me."  I love that!  I always do that when I have to walk past someone.  When someone does it to me, I almost want to hug them for being as considerate as I am.  I told her sure and that she should have a nice day.

Next, I'm wearing my San Jac work shirt and am checking out and the cashier says, "You work at the college?  My daughter went there, she's a nurse."  Makes me so happy to know that the place where I work is helping others to get an education to be someone who is going to be helping others.  I wished her and her daughter much happiness.  Of course, before I walked away, I had to brag that my son was also a nurse.  I wanted to tell her that my oldest son was a pilot, but I thought that might be too much bragging.

Then, I'm on my way out and I offer my grocery cart to a lady entering, and I tell her, “This is a good one.”  She laughs, takes the cart and says, "Thank you!  I hate it when I get one of those that goes bump bump bump bump all through the store." 

This visit to Kroger occurred at lunchtime.  Later, as I was driving home from work, I noticed that I was still smiling about it.  Being nice to someone is not that hard, and it can mean a lot to someone you come across. 

Remember:  Always be kind, unless you must be snarky, then be snarky with kindness.

Guess you're wondering why the Jason Momoa pic?  I simply think he's fantastical.