Nov. 21, 2016

Renaissance Faire

<--- My 2nd cousin Lynn Strickland and me.

Becky worked me out hard Friday evening, and then Saturday I spent all day walking at the Renaissance Faire.  Good lord, so much pain!   Back, shoulders, legs, head, you name it, it hurt.  My cousins Lynn and Allison and their sweethearts Mark & Ethan were so understanding when I sat on a bench in front of The Magic Cauldron, and told them that I couldn’t take another step.  I must have sit on that bench for like 90 minutes.  When my Ethan came to find me, I had to peel myself off of it.  While sitting there, I had a nice visit with a sweet lady.  We were both in pain and sympathized well with each other.

My cousins traveled from Drumright, Oklahoma, and I hadn’t seen Lynn in around 55 years.  I was told that the next time we got together it would be a “sitting” visit.  Now I can go for that no problem.  When Ethan saw Lynn and I together, he whispered, “Your family is short.”  He could have asked, “Which one of you is Frodo?”  but he didn’t, which I thought was very sweet of him.  But if he had asked that, I would have said, “Lynn is Frodo.  I’m Samwise.”

Saw some Stormtroppers wearing kilts.  That was cool.  Darn, I wish I had counted how many times I heard “My Lady.”  It would have been a high number.

It’s always fun people watching.  One of the best watchings is when a woman dresses up and has her breasts exposed and pushed up so high that she could rest her weary head on them as if they were pillows and take a nap.  I observe the men looking at the large pillows and watch how they almost stumble around afterwards.  And sometimes you see a wife or girlfriend, who spots large pillows and nudges their husband or boyfriend to look at them.  After seeing them, the guy stumbles around and I can see a smirk on his face that says, “Wow, my wife is so cool to have pointed those pillows out for me… like I needed any help with that.”

I camped Saturday night in my tent, alongside Ethan & Family.  It was a lousey sleep. 

Our camping neighbors were a group of teenagers, who sang every song they knew that night.  But, and I have a big one, as miserable as they made it for me to sleep, I told them the next morning that I loved their singing. 

Throughout the night, vehicles drove by on the gravel-filled road, some fast, some slow.  And there was the sound of the vehicles going over the slow-down road barriers, bump, bump… bump, bump.  And someone was blasting music from a faraway campsite.  But, they picked some good blasting music to play, so that made it easier to put up with.  I did more dancing on my cot than sleeping on it.

Last year, we camped where we had to use port-a-potties, ick-O!  This year, we camped near the restrooms.  They were always clean.  You cannot beat a clean restroom, you just can’t.

While sleeping in my tent, I woke in the middle of the night freezing and feeling claustrophobic.  I thought I might have to get in my car and sleep, with the heater on.  I love the cold, but this was COLD… like a midevel cold.  How appropriate.  It was an inner cold that made me think I was not going to make it through the night.  At one point, I thought about yelling out to my Ethan to tell him that I thought I was dying from the cold, but I thought better of that.  I mean, I figured it would be better to die from the cold than to have him kill me for waking him up.

Early Sunday morning, I heard my little grandson Varric’s voice just a chattering away.  There’s nothing better to wake up to than that… except maybe Jason Momoa lying next to me chattering, but that is a whole other story.

We left our campsite early Sunday morning and went to the Magnolia Diner.  I had one of the best breakfasts I have ever had.  I recommend the place highly.

Got home, cleaned up and passed out on the couch until 5:30pm.  5 hours of napping!  I was exhausted, and in pain.  Did I mention the pain?