Nov. 14, 2016

a couple of thoughts

Thought #1:  When you're in a fast food, double-entrance lane, and the lanes start to converge, do you sometimes feel like you might have to duke it out with the customer that you’re merging with, or maybe you might have to dodge a bullet, because you’re thinking your fellow customer might not be as good at taking turns as you are?

Thought #2:  Dear waiter, you are the sweetest guy ever and I respect you doing what you do; but (and I have a big one) near the end of my meal, please don’t ask me, “Are you still workin’ on that?” unless you’re going to ask my skinny friend the same thing.  Ya see, I’m very sensitive about my weight, and it’s a big freaking battle every time I take a bite.  Now, I don’t want you to feel too bad about it, you’re not the only waiter to ask me “Are you still workin’ on that?”  I’m just sayin’, it makes me feel that you’re implying that big girls “work” on their food, while skinny girls simply “eat” their food.  Thank you for your sweet service.  Signed… with a smile, a wee bit of snarky and a 20% tip, your customer, gammajill