Sep. 5, 2016

I love waterfalls

I was sitting in the packed waiting room at the eyeglass place, a few days back.  The Today Show was on their TV, with four hosts all talking at the same time.  Why have 4 hosts on?  Seriously, I don't care what "1" of them has to say, why would I care to listen to "4" of 'em?  Gees!  Along with that, two little ones are running around the waiting room.  I understand that little ones run, I have 3 grandsons and they run, but these little ones were running full-out; and of course, one of 'em ran into my hurt knee. 

That was a given, cause stuff like that always happens to me. Anyway, when my knee was hit, I moaned loudly.  Everyone looked at me as if I were nutz for making such a fuss!  I was puzzled that these people would scoff at me and not the children.  I started wondering.... since I'm at the eye place, wonder if they'd do me a favor and gouge my eyes out for me? 

This kind of stuff happens to me a lot.  I believe that my body emits signals that read to others that this lady needs to be triffled with.  So I figured the mom of the little ones at the eye place, saw me, immediately drew her little ones into her and said, "You see that woman there in the corner?  The one that can't cross her legs because her thighs are too fat?  The one that looks like she's irritated because there are "4" people talking at the same time on The Today Show?  Well, be sure to run over to her and punch on her knee, because it hurts her big time.  Now, go on, go do it, she'll love you for it."

I seriously need to start saving up to purchase a deserted island, so that I can exile myself there, before I release my Kracken onto the world!  Gotta find an island that has a waterfall on it.  I love waterfalls!


Here's a little memory of mine:  Susan and Lynda are my sisters.  When I was little and my Mom would call for me, she would go through the first part of her daughters' names, until she got to me.  If you had more than one kid, you probably did that too, didn't you?  I did, and still do.  So, I would hear, "Su....Lyn....!"  For years I thought I was Chinese.  With a name like Su-Lyn, it was my best guess.