Aug. 31, 2016

gorgeous Hayter girls

[back: Mom, Lynda, Susan; front: me, Cheryl]

Some family pictures are cool to stare at.   This is one of those, for me.  I’m thinking this was Christmas of 1958.  Every year, we would have a Charlie Brown tree, the same ornaments and Mom made us kids hang the icicles individually, we couldn’t just throw ‘em on.  I remember the blonde wooden coffee table and the curtains and the concrete floor. 

Look at my Mom in that pencil skirt.  She was a knock-out.  That’s one of those fake collars she’s wearing, black felt with white lace.  I think her sweater was red.

My sister Lynda was beautiful.  She had curves in all the right places and was very ladylike.  There were 14 years between us, so I don’t remember her living at home with me.  At the time of this picture, I remember she was married to Jimmy.  He was tall and handsome, liked lifting weights and he had a candy apple red car.

My sister Susan was pretty.  She and I shared a room for a while, until she got married.  I remember I wasn’t allowed on her side of the room.  She slept with a picture of her boyfriend, Pete.  It was covered with lipstick, because she had kissed it a thousand times.  She kept it under her pillow.  Pete bought her a pair of sandals, and she wore them until they disintegrated

The little imp in the picture is my niece Cheryl.  Isn't she cute?  She & I are only 4 years apart in age.  We’ve been partners in crime since the beginning!  Cheryl is Lynda’s first born and Mom & Daddy’s very first grandchild, which makes her kind of special.

And that’s me, with a devilish look on my face, thinking it fun that The Kid is misbehaving.  Wish the 5 of us could return to this picture moment.  I think this time, instead of helping to subdue The Kid, I would go running around the room with her.  And... I would be giving hugs & moochies to my Mom and sisters.