Aug. 20, 2016

potty training

This is Rugby.  Not sure who's more clueless, her or me.

I'm having major potty training problems with Rugby. 

Last night, I went to my son Ethan’s to babysit his boys. Rugby likes to go over there, so she can play with her dog cousins, so I took her along.

Two minutes after our arriving, before E and Deni left on their date, Rugby potties in their hallway. Five minutes later, she potties in my grandson Faolan's room. 

E said that Rugby was marking her territory.  Rugby is quite good at marking her territory… this “marks” the 4th time that she has left a surprise package in Faolan’s room. She really, really loves her some Faolan.

When E&D returned from their date, they discovered that Rugby had peed in their living room.  Needless to say, my puppy has been banned from visiting her dog cousins for a while.  I certainly understand the ruling. She has undoubtedly overstepped her territorial boundaries.

I'm sad about my potty training abilities.

Let’s play The Glad Game, shall we:  I’m glad that humans don’t use this form of marking territories when visiting others humans.