Jul. 30, 2016

1.clouds 2.manager 3.parking

1.  Looking at the fluffy, white clouds…  I used to be able to see images in the clouds, a dog, a whale, a dragon head.  I'm not seeing anything right now, not even the baby Jesus.  Could my cloud imagination be gone?  Man I hope not.  I had to go online to find cloud picture images.  Thought the one I posted here was cool.  In these clouds, I see a 60’s movie with Pigadona and Lobsterasaurus fighting, probably in Tokyo.   I’m sure my cloud imagination will return to me, just not today.


2.  “Attention manager at grocery store!  Your assignment today is to make sure that you schedule only ONE register to be open from 12pm to 1pm, and put your SLOWEST cashier on said register.  That is all.”


3.  Lomax Elementary has been torn down and a new building has been erected at the back of the school property.  I hope whoever okayed the design of the new landscape, has the smarts to create more parking spaces.  Every time there is an event at the school, we parents and grandparents have to park on the grass or on the street -- sometimes the grassy area is muddy, and it's dangerous to park on the side of the street.  There will be plenty of room for more parking.  I know they will plant bushes and flowers and lovely things, and that is good; but dude, we need many parking spaces!