Jul. 23, 2016

I was wondering....

I was wondering #1
In girls beach volleyball, I wonder who decided that they would wear bikinis? Oh, I know... people will watch this sport more, it will definitely get their attention.... much like they have the attention of the video taker. Wonder if any of girls would prefer to wear a one piece suit or shorts. I'm sure the sand chaffs their naughty parts, and it must be terribly annoying, not to mention the thong thing.

I was wondering #2:
When you eat M&Ms, do your divide the colors into separate piles. Do you eat the brown ones first, because they're the ugliest, then eat the green ones, then orange and lastly you eat the yellow ones, because yellow is your favorite color? What?! Who would do such a thing?
I was wondering #3:
It's about time for Hollywood to remake The 3 Musketeers, Frankenstein, A Christmas Carol, Moby Dick, etc. The only difference with each remake is that the present generation casts their favorite movie star of that time in the rolls. The story is the same, except with different actors. The words are the same, except for the updating of the present day slang. If I were a writer, I too would have a difficult time coming up with fresh ideas for a book or movie that hasn't already been done. Music is the same way….. how does a writer of songs come up with new ones, without repeating parts of an old one? I wonder how they do it.
NOTE: I figured more people would read this post by adding this video. I'm thinking it shouldn't be called beach volleyball. It should be called beautiful butt beach volleyball. Ha! Sorry Mom, yes I know the video is racy. I'm sorry... I love you. Am I still your favorite?