Jul. 16, 2016

3 thoughts


(1)  "Tame the spirit out of them" - I love this picture.  When born, we start out full of life, happiness, wonder.  A shout-out to those who don't conform to the pressure of being like everyone else.  I'm not saying there should be a bunch of me, me, me arses around, just more free thinkers, more people who don't worry about what others think of them; instead of people who have had the spirit tamed out of 'em.

(2)  Sometimes on TV and in the movies, a guy will be running from the law dog and jump into a car.  There are no keys in the ignition, so he looks in the pull out (glove compartment) and all over.  The last place he looks is the driver's visor.  He flips it down, and the car keys drop.  Do you ever put your keys in the visor?  I don't either.

(3)  Can you say Aflac without saying it like a duck?

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my thoughts.  I love ya!  Peace out.