Jun. 20, 2016

I'm feeling snarky



<---- That's Monica's friend on the left and Monica on the right.  Snarky Jill would very much enjoy smacking them both.



On Monica the Medium, her and her best friend are looking for 2 roommates to share expenses on their apartment.  They're interviewing candidates, and Monica doesn't want them to be turned off by her being a medium.  They interview two girls, and both of the girls agree to move in.  Well of course, they agreed.  They're going to be on TV, not many would pass up a chance like that.  If I were a roommate of Monica’s, it wouldn't bother me that I was living with a medium.  What would bother me, is the fact that Monica never shuts up!  I couldn't recommend that you watch this reality program.  I had to stop watching Monica the Medium, because it made me want to smack Monica and her best friend.  I try not to watch things that make we want to go postal on someone's arse.



The following is taken from an email I received at the college “…which can be accessed from any location – using an established rubric.”  Rubric?  Okay, who is the sender trying to impress?  I look up the definition of rubric – “an authoritative rule; especially: a rule for conduct of a liturgical service.”  Liturgical?  I look up liturgical – “a Eucharistic rite.”  Okay, whatever.  I’m good with not knowing everything.

If I were really snarky, I would respond to the email thusly:  “I ain’t got much book learnin’ smarts, but I feel tumultuous, indignant, irascible, nettled, splenetic, choleric, convulsed, rancorous, petulant, acerbic, mordant and trenchant regarding your email.”