Jun. 14, 2016

short police words

I found this gadget thingee in my home.  I've forgotten what it's for.


Carl’s Jr.’s take-out bags read, "Eat like you mean it."  Holy hamburgers!  Why are they catering to foodaholics… like me!  That is so twisted!


Why is it that I can jump out of bed on the 1st alarm, when I'm on vacation; but when I'm going to work, I snooze it 7 times?


Police show terminology
1. A bad guy is a perp or a hump.  2. An ambulance is a bus.  I guess since it takes 3 syllables to say am-bu-lance, they shorten it to one syllable, as in bus.  Wonder why they don't call it an "am"?  3. At the precinct, you don't say "He is going with me."  Instead, you say "He is going with."  I guess it's too much trouble to add the me at the end.  What's next?  "He is going."