Jun. 7, 2016

happy places

Since I get irritated easily, when stupid people behave stupidly, I have to work hard at keeping my anger in check, by finding ways to handle certain situations.

For instance, talking to someone who loves the sound of their own voice has always been extremely difficult for me.  These self-absorbed talkers believe that every word that comes from their mouth is gold, and they have no desire to hear what you have to share.  It’s like talking to a drunk… they say stupid stuff, make no sense and don’t remember that they were talking to you. 

Here is my coping mechanism for handling this situation.  I say nothing.  I simply stare into their face and say uh-huh every once in a while to let them think that I’m listening to their words of wisdom.  In truth, I’m off to one of my happy places.  Like for instance, a romantic little cave by the sea visiting with Aquaman (Jason Momoa).  Or Jason is holding me while we’re lying in a hammock that floats in a bright, blue sky with white fluffy clouds.  Oh gees people, get your mind out of the gutter, Momoa and I are only talking.

When the gabber is through talking, he’ll walk away feeling happy because he shared his thoughts with me and thinks that I was in awe of his presence, and I feel awesome for having spent time with Aquaman.

It's fun thinking of ways to not let my anger out.  It’s like playing Pollyanna’s Glad Game.

Where is your happy place?