May. 27, 2016

little things that make me happy

When I drop off the recycling.  Not because it’s good to recycle, which it is, but because I get rid of the clutter.

After a pedicure and my nails are bright yellow or orange.  

Seeing an old VW Beetle makes me happy big time!  They warm my heart.  If I come upon one, I will wave down the driver, and ask if they will pull over so I can take a picture.  I've done that twice and both drivers pulled over.

Falling asleep in my comfy chair, while watching TV.  You old people know how satisfying this is.

DVR, so that I can fast forward through all the stupid commercials, cause they piss me off.

Fridays at work, when I keep realizing that it’s Friday at work!

My special mugs.  The one on the left is my favorite of all time.  It’s cracked, because I dropped it many years ago.  *sad face*  The McD’s on the right is the one that I use most often.  I’ll never forget that my sister-in-law Marlena gave it to me. 

What little things make you smile?  Please comment.

I love you all, and hope you continue to visit my blog.  I think you’re awesome!

NOTE:  “I was wondering,  if everywhere, everyone and everybody is one word, why isn't every time one word?  And if nevertheless is one word, why isn't thatisjuststupid one word? “  GammaJill