May. 10, 2016

no asparagus!

At the post office, there are staked signs announcing a food drive.  They read, "Mail Food Drive the 2nd Saturday in May."  Hmmm?  I was wondering..... why not just say, "Mail Food Drive May 14th"?  A food drive is awesome, by the way!


Someone told me that I'm OCD.  I agreed and said, yes I am quite anal.  They said Jill you shouldn't be saying that.  I asked what, anal?  They said yes.  I came back with, "I believe it to be perfectly fine to say anal.  Now if I were to say anus, that's a whole different story.  It would be like, "You're such an anus for telling me I shouldn't be saying anal.  But I wouldn't say that to you because that would be rude, and you know how much I hate rudeness."  [Clarification:  the person I was speaking to, is a friend, and we always talk this way to each other.]


I think we have too much "stuff."  Have you noticed the large number of storage places there are now?


Food Town has nopalitos(?) and manzano peppers(?), but no fresh asparagus?  What's up with that?