May. 6, 2016

my prayer of thanks

<--- This is me praying, or maybe taking a nap.  I'm not sure.

“Father, you are the most awesome of the awesome.  I want to thank you for helping with my anger issues today.  You remember that girl in the grocery store, who was texting her BFF, and she rammed into my rear with her cart, then went around me and didn't say "I am so very sorry."  Well..... thank you that I'm not in prison right now, cause you know that you made me gorgeous, and gorgeous in prison is not good, if you know what I mean, and I know that you do, because you know everything.  Oh, and also thank you that they did not have to call an ambulance for the young lady, and she was able to walk on her own out of the store.  Please watch over and bless my boys and their families, my brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, everybody who is kin to them and my friends.  And as always, I'm asking you for world peace, cause that would be really awesome.  I love you, please help me to love you more."

When someone is driving slowly and they take a turn even slower, I always say, "What's with that?  You haulin' dynamite?"  It cracks me up everytime to say that.

Why are there no more Elvis sightings?  Perhaps he truly has left the building.  I love/loved him.

One more thing, my sweet friends, I am looking for a puppy soul mate, hoping you can keep an eye out for her.  A poodle or terrier mix, small to medium, potty trained, over 1 year old.  I check the sites of BARC, Poodle Rescue of Houston and pet shelters near me several times a day - I'll know her when I see her.  I told my niece Debra Hayter Kolb that I was going to name my puppy Rugby, and she said that if I got another puppy, that I should name her Scrum.  Deb is so cool.